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What’s next for OpenStack compute: Nova updates

Melanie Witt and Eric Fried talk about what's new in this release and what to expect from the next one.

on June 5, 2019

What’s next for OpenStack compute: Nova updates

Matt Riedemann and Melanie Witt talk about what's new in this release and what to expect from the next one.

on June 21, 2018

What’s next for OpenStack container orchestration: Magnum updates

Spyros Trigazis, the project team lead, offers these updates and a look ahead.

on November 30, 2017

What’s next for OpenStack container networking: Kuryr updates

Antoni Segura Puimedon, project team lead, offers these updates and a preview of what's ahead.

on November 29, 2017

What’s next for OpenStack compute: Nova updates

Matt Riedemann and Melanie Witt talk about what's new in this release and what to expect from the next one.

on November 28, 2017

What’s next for OpenStack networking: Neutron updates

Project team leads Armando Migliaccio and Miguel Lavalle offered updates and insight into what's next.

on November 27, 2017

What’s next for OpenStack application developer guides

This month, the site gets a new look and changes its source tooling. Here's how these changes affect your project team.

on January 14, 2016

What’s next: 5G network slicing with ETSI OSM 5 and OpenStack

CalSoft's Sagar Nangare on the capabilities of this exciting tech.

on May 24, 2019

OpenStack Project Teams Gathering: What’s next

Red Hat's Rich Bowen talked to PTG attendees about their experience and looks ahead to the next one.

on April 23, 2018

Your passport to what’s next in OpenStack

Updates from the Sydney Summit keynotes.

on November 6, 2017

OpenStack is Alive: Explosive Growth Among Production Deployments | OpenInfra Live Recap

The latest episode of OpenInfra Live, the weekly show hosted by the OpenInfra Foundation, is now available on-demand.

on November 12, 2021

Kubernetes and OpenStack Working Together | OpenInfra Live Recap

The latest episode of OpenInfra Live, the weekly show hosted by the OpenInfra Foundation, is now available on-demand.

on July 29, 2021

Women of Open Infrastructure: Meet Victoria Martinez de la Cruz from the OpenStack Manila Project

"And the Open Infrastructure community? 10/10 would recommend to a friend"

on June 11, 2020

Women of Open Infrastructure: Meet Melanie from the OpenStack Nova Project

"Communities are mostly about people, not only code, so there is an element of match-making personalities and styles involved."

on April 20, 2020

Inside open infrastructure: The latest from the OpenStack Foundation

Check out the agenda for the Shanghai Summit, what's new in Kata Containers 1.8, and more of the latest updates from the Open Infrastructure community.

on August 12, 2019

OpenStack Homebrew Club: Meet the sausage cloud

Kitting out an ex-nuclear bunker with a public cloud in a weekend.

on July 31, 2019

What’s next for OpenStack Keystone

Colleen Murphy and Lance Bragstad share stats for the Stein cycle and talk about what's onboard for Train.

on June 12, 2019

OpenStack Homebrew Club: Swift in the closet

John Dickinson's solution can store about 25,000 movies and in the future may monitor the San Francisco sky.

on May 28, 2019

What’s next for Zuul

The project, which recently graduated, asks poignant questions about its future.

on May 23, 2019

Inside open infrastructure: The latest from the OpenStack Foundation

What's new with StarlingX, Zuul, Kata and what to expect at the OpenInfraSummit.

on April 26, 2019

What’s next in OpenStack networking: Smart NIC support, Cyborg and guaranteed minimum bandwidth

On tap for the Stein release: Better scalability, SR-IOV VF-to-VF mirroring, and tighter community integration.

on March 26, 2019

Takeaways from the latest OpenStack Ops Meetup

Frank Kloeker on the two-day event featuring architecture lightning talks and war stories.

on March 12, 2019

Inside open infrastructure: The latest from the OpenStack Foundation

Call for presentations for the Open Infrastructure Summit, a diversity survey and updates from Zuul, Airship, Kata Containers and StarlingX.

on January 16, 2019

What’s happening now with edge and OpenStack

OpenStack Foundation ecosystem technical lead Ildiko Vancsa offers a recap of discussions around edge computing at the recent Berlin Summit.

on December 7, 2018

OpenStack Summit Berlin recap: 51 things you need to know

From new users to product launches, updates and case studies, the OpenStack Summit Berlin covered a lot of ground. Here’s a news roundup from the Summit.

on November 19, 2018

OpenStack and Kubernetes: Competing or complementary?

Mihaela Constantinescu of Sardina Systems shares her perspective.

on November 9, 2018

How Arm is becoming a first class citizen in OpenStack

Gema Gomez recounts how her team delivered a fully-interoperable cloud running on Arm 64 hardware.

on September 17, 2018

What you need to know about the OpenStack Rocky release

Check out the high-impact features for bare metal clouds, fast forward upgrades and hardware accelerators.

on August 31, 2018

What’s next in Ironic 11.1

New features for this release and how to get involved at the upcoming Project Teams Gathering.

on August 7, 2018

Inside the latest edition of “Learning OpenStack Networking”

The third edition offers updates on load balancing and new content on role-based access control and VLAN-aware virtual machines.

on July 31, 2018

How to deploy Windows on OpenStack

Fuga Cloud's Yuri Sijtema offers this tutorial.

on July 27, 2018

How to get your talk accepted for the next OpenStack Summit

What's new and time-tested tips for the July 17 deadline.

on July 11, 2018

Check out these OpenStack project updates

Project team leads share what's new and what's next in the development cycle.

on July 6, 2018

Project update: What’s next for Neutron

See what's new in the latest OpenStack release, and what you can expect to see from the project in the upcoming release.

on June 29, 2018

Project update: What’s next for Cyborg

What's new, what's next and how to get involved.

on June 27, 2018

Rebooting the OpenStack Mentorship program

What's new and how to get involved.

on June 25, 2018

Project update: What’s next for Kata Containers

The Kata Containers Architecture Committee talks about what they're working on and the roadmap for what's ahead.

on June 18, 2018

What’s on the horizon for high-performance computing

John Garbutt offers these updates on quotas, preemptible servers, bare metal, containers and more.

on June 8, 2018

OpenStack Vancouver Summit recap: 40 things you need to know

From new users to product launches, updates and case studies, the OpenStack Summit Vancouver covered a lot of ground. Here’s a news roundup from the Summit.

on May 29, 2018

Return to the City of Glass: A guide to the Vancouver OpenStack Summit

Summit veteran Ben Silverman on scheduling, footwear and why staring out the windows of the conference center is a power move.

on April 18, 2018

What’s next in CI/CD

Hear experts from Huawei, Ericsson, Mirantis, Cisco and more at OpenDev May 22-23, 2018 in Vancouver.

on April 17, 2018

An introduction to OpenStack fast forward upgrades

How to stay on the fast track with upstream features every six months or keep the course on a designated release, easing the upgrade treadmill.

on March 30, 2018

Check out these OpenStack project updates

Project team leads and core contributors talk about what's new in this release and what to expect from the next one.

on March 13, 2018

Meet volume multi-attach, a great new feature in OpenStack Queens

Years of collaboration in the making, Ildiko Vancsa offers a preview of this much-awaited feature in the Queens release.

on February 27, 2018

Challenges and battle scars from OpenStack deployments

It can be a struggle to deploy OpenStack in a large company like American Airlines, here are some strategies on how to win it.

on January 22, 2018

How to get your talk accepted for the next OpenStack Summit

What's new and time-tested tips for the February 8 deadline.

on January 17, 2018

What you’re doing with OpenStack: Top user stories

Here are some of our favorite user stories from 2017 -- we want to tell yours, too.

on January 2, 2018

Check out these OpenStack project updates

Project team leads share what's new and what's next in the development cycle.

on December 6, 2017

How to use OpenStack Glance Image Import

Erno Kuvaja and Brian Rosmaita walk you through the update.

on November 24, 2017

Why atmail chose OpenStack for email-as-a-service

More than 15 percent of the Australian company's infrastructure runs on an OpenStack-powered DreamHost Cloud.

on November 22, 2017

OpenStack Summit Sydney recap: 50 things you need to know

From new users to product launches, updates and demos, the OpenStack Summit Sydney was a race to the finish line. Here’s a news roundup from the Summit.

on November 16, 2017

What to expect from the upcoming OpenStack Forum

OpenStack community manager Tom Fifield answers your most common questions about the upcoming Forum.

on September 25, 2017

OpenStack operator spotlight: NTT

The Japanese telecom giant runs over 10,000 virtual machines, 1,000 hypervisors in eight regions. Two team members talk about what's next and the importance of testing.

on August 28, 2017

Learn OpenStack: A new community site

As he was teaching himself, Geoff Rich built a site called Learn OpenStack. Here's how it can help you...

on August 9, 2017

How tech giant Tencent uses OpenStack

One of China's largest tech companies has been running OpenStack in production for 4 years with availability of over 99.99%.

on July 23, 2017

OpenStack Korea: Embracing the cloud universe

A highlight: a demo deploying OpenStack in just minutes with Amazon's Alexa.

on July 16, 2017

What’s new in K8s 1.7

Ihor Dvoretskyi, member of the Kubernetes team at Mirantis, walks you through the most important new features in Kubernetes 1.7.

on July 6, 2017

OpenStack Verizon case study: The illusion of infinite capacity

At the recent OpenStack Summit Boston, Billy Felton and Andrew Hendrickson of Verizon along with Sanjay Mishra CEO of Talligent offered a look into the platform, its architecture and what's next as they deal with the challenges of edge computing.

on May 25, 2017

OpenStack Boston Summit recap: 50+ things you need to know

From new users to product launches, updates and demos, the OpenStack Summit Boston hit it out of the park. Here's a news roundup from the Summit.

on May 15, 2017

Edward Snowden talks cloud, open source and fear at OpenStack Summit

"We don’t work for governments, we don’t work for states, we don’t work for corporations. We should be working for the spirit of technology itself, moving people closer to a more empowered future," Snowden said in conversation with OpenStack COO Mark Collier.

on May 9, 2017

How New Zealand’s SkyTv is building a next-generation TV and media platform

Jean-Pierre Senekal of New Zealand's leading TV provider gives Superuser a sneak peak into his talk at the OpenStack Summit.

on May 3, 2017

OpenStack works best when devs and operators tailor their workloads

Monica Rodriguez gives Superuser a sneak peak into her talks at OpenStack Boston.

on April 18, 2017

From zero to hero: Your first week as an OpenStack contributor

The documentation project team lead (PTL) walks you through the basics.

on February 10, 2017

How to design and implement successful private clouds with OpenStack

A new book by Michael Solberg and Ben Silverman titled "OpenStack for Architects" can show you how.

on February 7, 2017

OpenStack, HPC and public clouds: What’s on the horizon

Ildiko Vancsa talks to Mike Kelly of DataCentred about the challenges facing the "magicians" of high performance computing.

on December 13, 2016

Trusted with 30 million email accounts, atmail delivers with OpenStack

Based in Australia, atmail leverages DreamHost's DreamCompute to power its next generation email cloud.

on November 13, 2016

Inside WalmartLabs and its OpenStack core

Sean Roberts, director of technical management at WalmartLabs, shares what's next for his team.

on October 5, 2016

Update on OpenStack Gerrit-StoryBoard integration

OpenStack's task tracking system for cross-team projects and code review tool now play better together.

on September 21, 2016

Update on API information in OpenStack

Anne Gentle, a member of the OpenStack Technical Committee who focuses on OpenStack strategic developer enablement at Cisco, fills you in on the latest changes in the API.

on September 19, 2016

OpenStack Newton release: what’s next for Horizon, Ironic and Kolla

Meet the project team leads (PTLs) and find out how to get involved.

on September 14, 2016

Meet OpenStack’s upstream developer advocate, Kendall Nelson

One of the Foundation's newest staffers weighs in on the Python debate and revamping Upstream University.

on September 7, 2016

Git hooks for OpenStack development take the pain out of code commits

Developers can avoid rookie mistakes with this tool.

on August 22, 2016

How OpenStack and Outreachy helped me write my first specification

Akanksha Agrawal recounts her experience as an intern.

on August 8, 2016

Why OpenStack is not big enough

You need a massive set of functionality to automate all of the infrastructure in the world’s data centers -- so in some ways OpenStack is not big enough, says executive director Jonathan Bryce.

on July 18, 2016

What’s in the cards for OpenStack

Three community members talk bigger, badder startups, fewer "experimental" deployments and more.

on May 25, 2016

Simon Anderson on what’s next for Aptira

Aptira looks to the future with a focus on meeting the growing global demand for OpenStack.

on May 9, 2016

OpenStack Community Contributor Awards recognize unsung heroes

A lot of behind-the-scenes work goes on in the community--the first edition of these awards put a medal on it.

on April 29, 2016

Five tips for leading OpenStack community meetings

Intel's Carol Barrett spends about 15 hours a week collaborating - here's how she stays productive and sane.

on March 23, 2016

Why OpenStack is the kernel of the data center

It's time to go beyond viewing it as an extension of the operating system, says individual board member Boris Renski.

on March 15, 2016

Women of OpenStack launches new mentoring program

The new program aims to provide technical or career guidance, says IBM's Emily Hugenbruch.

on March 8, 2016

Why the discovery process is the OpenStack cloud architect’s best friend

Follow these steps to design an enterprise cloud, say two Red Hat experts, and your days will be brighter

on March 3, 2016

Meet OpenStack indivudual director Shane Wang

"Enterprise readiness is one of the best approaches to increase adoption for OpenStack, it's where OpenStack can grow fast," says Wang, an engineering manager at Intel.

on February 29, 2016

What’s new under the OpenStack big tent: Fuel

Meet project team lead Dmitry Borodaenko and learn how to get involved.

on February 11, 2016

Running an OpenStack cloud? Come to the first European Mid-Cycle Operators meetup

The meetup, held February 15 - 16, 2016 in Manchester, is a chance for operators to share best practices and give feedback.

on December 17, 2015

OpenStack Mitaka release: what’s next for OpenStackClient and Documentation

Meet the project team leads (PTLs) and find out how to get involved.

on November 25, 2015

Connect the dots on OpenStack Neutron with this updated manual

The second edition of "Learning OpenStack Networking" includes new chapters to help newbie cloud operators and administrators build OpenStack clouds.

on November 24, 2015

Two OpenStack operators share their latest action items

Migrations, upgrades and tweaks: these Time Warner Cable operators unpack what they learned at the Summit Tokyo and what's next.

on November 17, 2015

OpenStack and Network Function Virtualization, the backstory

Jonathan Bryce, OpenStack executive director, gave a keynote at the OPNFV Summit where he talked about the two communities.

on November 12, 2015

Tackling diversity in the OpenStack community

Egle Sigler, principal architect at Rackspace and co-chair of the diversity working group, discusses the mission of the group as well as the outcome of the recent survey and what's next.

on November 5, 2015

What’s behind the second wave of cloud adoption

The forces behind that new wave, VMware's orbit and a quest for OpenStack instructors in our weekly roundup.

on September 4, 2015

OpenStack Silicon Valley zeroes in on containers

The second annual event welcomed thought leaders and users this week to discuss the current state of containers and predict what's next

on August 27, 2015

Get the latest message on OpenStack’s Zaqar service

Flavio Percoco, project team lead of OpenStack's multi-tenant cloud messaging service for web developers, offers updates on improvements in deployment, storage and support.

on August 20, 2015

Make your cloud sing with OpenStack’s Community App Catalog

The Catalog can get you rocking with containers in just a few clicks - how it's evolving and how your feedback can shape its future.

on August 17, 2015

OpenStack continues to strengthen its commitment to interoperability

The latest on interoperability, Neutron, RefStack and how you can shape what's next.

on August 10, 2015

Crystal ball: what pundits say is next for Cloud Native Computing Foundation, OpenStack and Kubernetes

What services and capabilities are next, whether the container ecosystem is poppycock and more in our weekly update.

on July 24, 2015

What you need to know about Google joining OpenStack

As Google officially sponsors the OpenStack Foundation, the community benefits with container expertise and hyper scale know-how.

on July 16, 2015

OpenStack Turkey user group eager to make an impression on the global community

Meeting in a city that merges a storied past with a dynamic future, local users talk about what's next.

on June 10, 2015

Revamping Ceilometer, Federated Identity for research and why OpenStack is doomed

OpenStack Summit Vancouver attendees had plenty to say about what they are taking away from the recent five-day conference...

on May 23, 2015

How to grow the OpenStack application community

The new community app catalog is step one in the organic cycle of growing a great community, says Craig Peters of Mirantis. Here's his take on what the community needs to do next for fruition.

on May 20, 2015

Why OpenStack will change the way we live, work and play

Niki Acosta of Cisco on how on the cloud computing platform is good for job security and her hopes for a "Jetsons" future.

on April 6, 2015

OpenStack at 10: different code, same collaboration?

In the next five years, Individual Director Rob Hirschfeld says that he expects the community governance and interaction models being developed now will endure beyond the code.

on March 23, 2015

Five years in: Charting the OpenStack galaxy

Why a strong center of gravity is essential to our continuing mission

on March 9, 2015

DefCore isn’t a punk band, but if you use OpenStack, listen up

DefCore plays an important role ensuring some consistency and interoperability among OpenStack clouds, says Russell Bryant, Red Hat software engineer and individual director at OpenStack. For Bryant, it's one of the most key issues in OpenStack now.

on February 20, 2015

Creating OpenStack debs for everyday operators

Xav Paice gives us insight into how Catalyst IT in New Zealand goes about taking distro packages, and combining that with custom code built into packages ready for deployment.

on February 12, 2015

Cisco’s OpenStack Strategy Detailed

Part 2 of Lew Tucker's Paris Summit session reveals the strategy guiding Cisco's corporate strategy as it relates to OpenStack.

on January 8, 2015

How to contribute to Openstack

How to begin contributing by tracking and fixing a bug from start to finish

on July 23, 2014

5 Links You Can’t Miss

This week: How-to guides, details about the Juno release, OpenStack commentary, and more.

on June 3, 2014

Edge Infrastructures and Why They Are Not a Done Deal Yet?!

The OpenInfra Edge Computing Group will be publishing a series of blog posts to address some of the thornier aspects of edge computing as it enters the mainstream adoption cycle.

on November 22, 2021

OpenInfra Days 2021 | OpenInfra Live Recap

The latest episode of OpenInfra Live, the weekly show hosted by the OpenInfra Foundation, is now available on-demand.

on September 23, 2021

Superusers: Where are they Now | OpenInfra Live Recap

The latest episode of OpenInfra Live, the weekly show hosted by the OpenInfra Foundation, is now available on-demand.

on September 16, 2021

Bare Metal: Ironic in Production | OpenInfra Live Recap

The latest episode of OpenInfra Live, the weekly show hosted by the OpenInfra Foundation, is now available on-demand.

on August 12, 2021

The Role of Open Source in Digital Sovereignty | OpenInfra Live Recap

What's digital sovereignty, how does open source contributions to it, and how will it affect our future?

on July 9, 2021

Large Scale Open Source CI Featuring Zuul | OpenInfra Live Recap

This week’s OpenInfra Live episode is brought to you by the experts from the Zuul community, discussing what Zuul is, the community, getting started, what’s next, and more.

on May 28, 2021

#OpenInfraSummit Track: Container Infrastructure

We are featuring one of the seven Summit tracks—Container Infrastructure. Get your Summit tickets for free and add these sessions to your Summit calendar!

on October 7, 2020

Submission Tips for the Virtual Open Infrastructure Summit

The Summit Programming Committee has shared topics by Track for community members interested in speaking at the upcoming Summit, October 19 - 23.

on July 27, 2020

Edge computing takeaways from the Project Teams Gathering

What's happening with StarlingX, TripleO, Ironic and how you can get involved.

on June 11, 2019

Edge and 5G: Not just the future, but the present

At the Open Infra Summit, PTG and Forum, the StarlingX community and Edge Computing Working Group worked together on edge computing requirements from remotely managing edge sites to reference architectures.

on June 7, 2019

The Open Infrastructure Denver Summit: What you need to know

From new users to product launches, updates and case studies, the first Open Infra Summit covered a lot of ground. Here’s a news roundup.

on May 6, 2019

How open source hackathons are fast-tracking growth

These popular events featuring OpenStack, Kubernetes and Ceph are fast-tracking open source growth in China.

on April 8, 2019

Tips for the Open Infrastructure Summit

Open Infrastructure Summit Programming Committee members are sharing recommended topics and content ideas for the April Summit.

on January 18, 2019

Contain your excitement: Kata turns one!

The open-source project working to build a standard implementation of lightweight virtual machines (VMs) celebrates its one-year anniversary. Find out what's next and how you can get involved.

on December 6, 2018

Berlin Superuser Awards Nominee: Linaro Datacenter and Cloud Group (LDCG)

Linaro is one of five nominees for the Superuser Awards to be presented at the OpenStack Summit Berlin. Voting closes October 21.

on October 16, 2018

Kayobe and Rundeck: Operational hygiene for infrastructure as code

Stack HPC's Nick Jones pairs infrastructure automation tool Rundeck with Kayobe, a deployment of containerized OpenStack to bare metal.

on October 12, 2018

A passion for sharing and collaboration makes OpenInfra Days Vietnam a success

The first edition offers a fascinating snapshot of what's in national production.

on September 4, 2018

Getting to know StarlingX: The high-performance edge cloud software stack

A peek inside the architecture and what's ahead at the Berlin Summit.

on August 22, 2018

Why dev-ops is still a hands-on job

A large global survey reveals a surprising amount of artisanal work.

on July 24, 2018

Integrating ONAP and MEF 3.0: A proof-of-concept

Talking with Datavision COO Mark Abolafia about the importance of ONAP and persuading service providers to embrace virtualization.

on June 22, 2018

Inside telecom and NFV: Must-see sessions at the Vancouver Summit

Hear from experts at AT&T, Verizon, Intel, NTT and more.

on May 9, 2018

Putting open source to the test: Collaboration between OPNFV and ETSI NFV

Pierre Lynch, of Keysight Technologies UK Ltd. on collaboration, testing and what's next.

on April 30, 2018

Flipping the switch to 5G with open source

"Open source really helps us on two fronts: one is cost and the other speed," says AT&T CTO Andre Fuetsch.

on April 16, 2018

The last mile: Where edge meets containers

“It's really important to understand that edge is not just one thing, it's a lot of different things -- it's containers but not just containers..." says Verizon's Beth Cohen.

on April 9, 2018

Why open is the future of public and private cloud

“Open allows for collaboration between public and private cloud, creating needed flexibility,” says Johan Christenson of City Network Hosting.

on April 5, 2018

A close-up on the Queens release

Some common questions answered about the 17th edition of OpenStack.

on February 28, 2018

The skinny on edge computing

Edge was one of the hottest topics in cloud computing in 2017. Here are some of our top resources for ramping up your knowledge.

on December 26, 2017

Composing open source cloud technologies in the “wild”

One of the largest banks in the world, Australia's Commonwealth, uses OpenStack as the basis of its entire data management platform.

on December 19, 2017

Now’s the time to end the dev-ops culture clash

There's still a cultural difference between devs and ops, says OpenStack User Committee member Saverio Proto. Now's the time to improve it...

on August 29, 2017

Clearing up why fog computing is important

Superuser talks to Adrien Lebre, who co-chairs the OpenStack Fog, Edge and Distributed Computing Working Group.

on June 19, 2017

K8s or die: Skating into the future

There’s Kubernetes this way, that way — and then there’s the “skater way,” say Ryan Beisner and Marco Ceppi. Here's how they kick it, flip it and ride it home with OpenStack.

on May 23, 2017

Let’s heat things up with Cinder and Heat

Nooruddin Abbas, solution architect at GBM, adds Cinder and Heat in the final part of this three-part OpenStack series.

on April 7, 2017

Boston Superuser Awards Nominee: UKCloud

UKCloud is one of the nominees for the Superuser Awards to be presented at the OpenStack Summit Boston, May 8-11.

on March 29, 2017

Open source management as a marathon, not a sprint

John Dickinson is one of the longest-running OpenStack project team leads. He talks about what's next for Swift and how he keeps going.

on March 22, 2017

Sustainable investment in open source

Mark McLoughlin, a director of engineering from Red Hat, discusses how organizations can sustainably invest in OpenStack.

on December 21, 2016

Scaling Magnum and Kubernetes: 2 million requests per second

The CERN OpenStack cloud team walks through how you can upgrade your Mitaka requests.

on July 29, 2016

Collaborate or die: why no tech company is too big to fail

Mark Collier, OpenStack Foundation COO, lays it on the line in day two of the Summit keynote. Also, smart cities, even smarter scientists and the next Hackathon.

on April 26, 2016

A block storage battle and mobile eats the world

OpenStack Summit Tokyo attendees had plenty to say about what they are taking away from the recent four-day conference...

on October 30, 2015

Ceilometer, Gnocchi and Aodh: Liberty progress

What you need to know about updates to OpenStack's telemetry service from Julien Danjou, principle software engineer at Red Hat.

on August 6, 2015

Superuser weekend reading

The Matrix, Mars vs. Venus and what's keeping you up at night...

on June 12, 2015

Superuser weekend reading

How a small team can deliver big impact with OpenStack, foodie picks for the Vancouver Summit and whether is cloud computing is the next mass-market car industry...

on April 24, 2015

Superuser weekend reading

OpenStack in the classroom, back to the future with storage tape, what happens when the haters meet for sushi and more.

on April 10, 2015

Superuser weekend reading

VMware + Telcos snuggle up to OpenStack, hiring managers seek OpenStack expertise and free upstream training...

on March 6, 2015

Three cloud computing myths, debunked

"Cloud is not a single monolithic substance that somehow just works for everyone. Neither is a particular type of cloud the answer to everything," says Egle Sigler, a principal architect with Rackspace private cloud and recently elected OpenStack Individual Director.

on February 16, 2015

Superuser Weekend Reading

How to draw an owl, a pitch for "Liberty" T-shirts and the potential of Panelist-as-a-Service in this week's round-up of what's going on in the OpenStack community...

on February 13, 2015

Superuser Weekend Reading

Will there ever be a 'Vanilla' OpenStack? What about eating your competitor's lunch? This and more musings to whet your appetite from the OpenStack community this week...

on February 6, 2015

Musings and Predictions from Superuser’s Editorial Advisors

"I really believe that the new features in the Kilo release will be focused not only on adjusting the code, but on the architecture behind it." - Alejandro Comisario, Nubeliu

on January 29, 2015

eBay in Production: Migration from Nova-Network to Neutron

How the e-commerce giant performed a seamless migration from the Folsom Nova-network to Havana Neutron.

on January 20, 2015

Kilo Update: Ceilometer

Eoghan Glynn, Ceilometer PTL, explains the upcoming features we can expect in the Kilo release cycle.

on December 19, 2014

Weekend Reading, 11/14

"As things stand at the moment, OpenStack looks like a fine example of what the open source development model can achieve."

on November 14, 2014

User Group Spotlight: Iran & Atlanta

We had such an overwhelming response from user groups interested in sharing their stories with us in July, that we're extending the user group spotlights into August.

on August 7, 2014

User Group Spotlight: Greece

July marks OpenStack's 4th birthday and we're celebrating this year by spotlighting user groups from around the world.

on July 9, 2014