“Open allows for collaboration between public and private cloud, creating needed flexibility,” says Johan Christenson of City Network Hosting.


Open like the sky. Open like possibility. Open to a future where anything might happen. Data centers are increasingly opting for systems built on open infrastructure for public and private clouds.

“Open allows for collaboration between public and private cloud, creating needed flexibility,” Johan Christenson CEO of City Network Hosting said in a recent interview at Markets Media. “It allows for the selection of several vendors working well together, not only positioning for your business at the right price. Open vs. closed should be a simple choice for any enterprise today, as open enables the solution of tomorrow and accelerates innovation.”

The Sweden-based company should know. A two-time Superuser award nominee, City Network operates multiple data centers in Europe, U.S., Asia and United Arab Emirates as well as providing a clear strategy and implementation for data protection and regulatory aspects across regions.

Their public OpenStack-based cloud operates eight regions across three continents; all of their data centers are interconnected through private networks. In addition to the public cloud, they are also responsible for a Pan-European cloud for a finance vertical that’s tasked with solving a vast number of regulatory challenges. Over 2,000 users of City’s infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) solutions run over 10,000 cores in production.

You can hear more about what’s next in public cloud at the upcoming Vancouver Summit, where City Network’s Tobias Rydberg, along with Huawei’s Zhipeng Huang, will appear in a session titled “The largest global public cloud footprint – Passport Program Phase II.”
The Passport Program is an initiative from the Public Cloud Working Group to provide a unified way for users to access free trial accounts from OpenStack public cloud providers around the world, which allows them to experience the freedom, performance and interoperability of open source infrastructure. 

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