Meet Superuser

The future runs on open infrastructure.

On Superuser you’ll learn about the mix of open technologies building the modern infrastructure stack including OpenStack, Kubernetes, Kata Containers, Airship, StarlingX, Ceph, Cloud Foundry, OVS, OpenContrail, Open Switch, OPNFV, Zuul and more. Whether you’re pursuing a private, public or multi-cloud approach, Superuser is the place skill up, plan your cloud strategy and share your open source know-how.

Over the years, we’ve met countless people who are helping their organizations adopt open-source technologies and transforming the way they do business from the ground up. We named the publication Superuser as a nod to these change agents, who are making their organizations competitive in the current software-defined economy while also contributing back to the communities that have enabled their success.

This publication chronicles the work of superusers and their many accomplishments individually and organizationally. Our goal is to amplify their impact.

We aim to give you the tools and knowledge you need to become a superuser — or stay on top of things if you already are one.

How can you get involved?

Please get in touch with story ideas, article contributions or feedback by emailing [email protected].

Editorial Advisory Board

We have a stellar Editorial Advisory Board comprised of volunteers from the OpenStack community. They weigh in on the Superuser Awards and shape how we cover open infrastructure.

  • Mark Collier Open Infrastructure Foundation COO
  • Das Kamhout Intel IT
  • Shilla Saebi Comcast
  • Amit Tank AT&T
  • Howard Huang Huawei
  • Ben Silverman Author, contributor, consultant
  • Mark Korondi Cloud engineer, consultant, CEE Days organizer, Upstream University instructor
  • Trinh Nguyen Contributor, consultant, PTL

If you are a good candidate to join that group, or know someone who is, please contact [email protected] and use [Editorial Advisor] in the subject line.

What else you should know

Superuser is an independent publication and works hard to ensure that any author we publish clearly states any potential conflicts of interest, such as investments in companies mentioned, and/or friendly or familial relationships that might influence editorial. If you are aware of any such conflict that has not been disclosed, please alert us immediately.

Our editors and contributors are variously members of the OpenInfra Foundation, members of open source communities and professional journalists.