Superuser Awards

The Superuser Awards recognize teams using Open Infrastructure to meaningfully improve business and differentiate in a competitive industry, while also contributing back to the open source communities. They aim to cover the same mix of open technologies as our publication, namely OpenStack, Kubernetes, Kata Containers, Airship, StarlingX, Ceph, Tungsten Fabric, Open vSwitch, Zuul, Ansible and more.

Launched at the Paris Summit in 2014, the community has continued to awards winners at every Summit to users who show how open infrastructure is making a difference and providing strategic value in their organization.

Previous winners include Ant Group, OVHcloud, Yahoo!, Baidu, City Network, AT&T, CERN, China Mobile, Comcast, NTT Group, SK Telecom, the Tencent TStack Team and VEXXHOST. Wonder what they’re up to now? Check out the “Where are they now?” series.