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Spotlight On: OpenInfra User Survey

User Surveys are a critical tool in closing the feedback loop between OpenInfra operators and the upstream contributors who are building the software. By sharing technical implementations, feature requests and software challenges, operators are directly impacting the development and roadmap of the open source software. Each project has its own project user survey, so if you are evaluating, testing, or running an OpenInfra project in production, please participate by completing a user survey. With your help, we can build open source communities who run software that runs in production.


OpenInfra Foundation News

  • Welcome the newest OpenInfra Foundation Members!
    • Platinum Member
      • Okestro
    • Silver Members
      • VyOS
      • Taikun Cloud
      • Worteks
      • KunLun
      • GEICO
  • There is a lot happening at the OpenInfra Foundation in 2024, including the formation of a new member working group to address the increasing demand around OpenStack due to VMware migration requests. Consider membership of the OpenInfra Foundation to make the most of these opportunities! You can also participate in OpenInfra Europe or OpenInfra Asia. Contact Jimmy McArthur today to find out more!
  • OpenInfra Days Europe 2024 is over! Thank you to the organizers who made these events possible! Check out the event recordings and stay tuned for more OpenInfra Europe events! 
  • The next OpenInfra PTG dates are set! The virtual event will be taking place October 21-25, 2024. Registration is open and free for all to attend!
  • Are you making a difference with open infrastructure? Nominate your team for the 2024 Superuser Awards by July 31.

OpenStack: Open source software for creating private and public clouds

  • OpenStack welcomes new Technical Committee members Goutham Pacha Ravi and Artem Goncharov, as well as returning former member Dmitriy Rabotyagov. Many thanks to departing members Kristi Nikolla, Brian Rosmaita and James Page for their service. Goutham has been elected as the new chair assisted by continuing vice-chair Dr. Jens Harbott (relieving Jay Faulkner and Brian in those roles). For the full TC roster and other details, see the OpenStack governance site.
  • Progress toward the 2024.2 “Dalmatian” release continues, reaching the second of its three scheduled milestones next week at the half-way point of the development cycle. Consult the OpenStack releases site for the detailed 2024.2 schedule and related information.

Kata Containers: The speed of containers, the security of VMs

  • The community is now releasing minor versions of the runtime on a monthly basis, the latest version, 3.6.0, has just become available this week.
  • The Kata Architecture Committee (AC) changed their regular meeting time to every Thursday at 1300 UTC via Zoom. It is also a meeting place for the community at large and we would love to see you there! You can find login info and topics on the AC meeting agenda etherpad.
  • If you’re evaluating or using Kata Containers, please take a few minutes to fill out the User Survey and provide feedback to the community!

OpenDev Collaboratory: Free Software Needs Free Tools

  • The OpenDev team upgraded the Gerrit server to version 3.9 on May 31, 2024. This upgrade brings new features like inline suggested edits through the comment system.

StarlingX: A fully featured cloud for the distributed edge

  • The latest available StarlingX release is 9.0, which came out in April. The community discussed plans and timeline for 10.0 at the last PTG, check out the recap article to find out more about the release roadmap.
  • The latest StarlingX Technical Steering Committee (TSC) election concluded recently; you can find the list of members of this leadership group in the project’s governance documentation.
  • The StarlingX blog has received a lot of new content recently! Check out the articles to learn more about use cases, new features, and roadmap items.

Zuul: Stop merging broken code

  • Zuul 10.1.0 has been released. There are a number of new features, bug fixes and deprecations. Zuul operators are encouraged to check the announcement and plan to upgrade their Zuul installations.

OpenInfra UPP: University Partnership Program

  • Valencia College has wrapped its spring semester where each of the students involved made a video about their experiences and accomplishments which you can check out here. They are also planning a hackathon in July with the help of OpenStack Manila Day. 
  • Oregon State University’s Open Source Lab has been working hard on the OpenStackSDK and OpenStackClient. Antonia Gaete and Oria Weng have been collaborating with the community to get work done on the identity implementation to ensure Keystone’s usability in the client. 
  • Carnegie Mellon University is participating in the UPP for the second time. This summer, students at the university’s campus in Qatar are getting involved. They have begun work on projects in Ironic and, for the first time in any UPP, Swift!

OpenInfra Summit Asia

The Community-Powered OpenInfra Summit will be piloted in 2024 by the Korean community organizers in collaboration with fellow organizers from various regions of Asia.

The Regional OpenInfra Asia is being co-located with the OCP Regional Summit APAC and Ceph Days Asia 2024 to bring premier open-source software and hardware infrastructure events together!

OpenInfra Summit Asia | Ceph Days Asia 2024| OCP Regional Summit APAC
3-4 September
Suwon, South Korea
Suwon Convention Center
Register | Sponsor | Meet the Team | Schedule Coming Soon!

For more information about OpenInfra community events, please contact [email protected].

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