VMware + Telcos snuggle up to OpenStack, hiring managers seek OpenStack expertise and free upstream training…


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Ahead of the Mid-Cycle Ops meetup, Thierry Carrez, OpenStack’s director of engineering, examines the various meanings that "integrated release" has had in the history of OpenStack and how to better convey that information through separate tags.

VMware makes NFV telco play by snuggling up to OpenStack, opines tech publication The Register. VMware has 30 NFV users already, according to the story. Shekar Ayyar, a corporate senior vice president and leader of VMware’s Telco NFV Group, offered less detail on exactly what’s inside the newly-launched suite, compared to VMware’s other offerings, but it does include “purpose-built management packs to meet the unique requirements of communications service providers.”

If you’re a new OpenStack contributor or plan on becoming one soon, you should sign up for the next OpenStack Upstream Training in Vancouver, May 16-17. Participation is strongly advised also for first time participants to OpenStack Design Summit.

And what do your job prospects look like if you gain experience in OpenStack? Very good, according to the Linux Jobs Report as reported on ZDNet. "42 percent of hiring managers say experience with or knowledge of OpenStack and CloudStack are having a big impact on their Linux hiring decisions" while "49 percent of Linux professionals believe open cloud will be the biggest growth area for Linux in 2015,"

Individual board member Rob Hirschfeld has an incisive blog post on the trouble of making DefCore dead simple. "I’ve been working on the OpenStack DefCore process for nearly 3 years and our number #1 challenge remains how to explain it simply. We have managed to boil down our thinking into nine key points…


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