Is OpenStack ready for prime time (again), part of a revolution or limping along? Pundits weigh in on this and more in this week’s roundup.


Here’s the news from the OpenStack world you won’t want to miss — the musings, polemics and questions posed by the larger community.

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This is an especially busy week for tracking OpenStack’s progress — where it is now and where it needs to go.

Is OpenStack ready for prime time?

"If you listen to the hype surrounding OpenStack, it’s nothing less than a panacea offering fast, relatively easy, cost-efficient tools for deploying enterprise apps as cloud services. Some analysts are far less bullish, arguing that building a private cloud with OpenStack is a daunting task, writes John S. Webster at Network World, before diving in to interviews with Walmart, Time Warner Cable, and PayPal.

Five Things OpenStack Needs to Do … Now

Randy Bias, vice president, technology at EMC and member of the OpenStack Foundation board highlights some of the sticking points and ways to get out of them in his recent talk at OpenStack Silicon Valley. Among them: Cloud is NOT easy."

5 open source projects revolutionising tech

Spoiler alert: Apache Hadoop, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Drupal and Docker. Where does OpenStack fit in? "Considered to be possibly the future of cloud computing, with help from the likes of Intel, it is gradually becoming more enterprise ready."

Why Docker needs OpenStack

Mark Shuttleworth, founder of Canonical, discusses the need for private cloud and why virtualization alone is not enough.
"Virtualization on its own is not enough because it still requires you to make lots of non-essential decisions, like where should you put a virtual guest," Shuttleworth tells Sean Michael Kerner at eweek.

Thought Leaders in Cloud Computing: Simon Anderson, CEO of DreamHost

"We’re in a very interesting time where we’re seeing quite a lot of adoption of OpenStack-based cloud due to the fact that it’s open source, extensible, and there are a lot of developers working on it now," Anderson says.

Industry watch

Mirantis Launches NFV Initiative with Citrix, Metaswitch and Overture Networks

The company said that the initiative will "unlock communications companies from expensive proprietary hardware, enabling them to launch new services with greater velocity and lower cost." Mirantis will also be adding NFV features to its carrier-grade OpenStack distribution, writes IT World’s Swapnil Bhartiya.

VMware’s Easy Button for Private OpenStack Cloud

VMware spending so much time and resources on OpenStack represents a recognition that OpenStack is here to stay. But the trend also represents an existential question for VMware. If the difference between VIO and KVM-based OpenStack is maturity of OpenStack technologies and the level of familiarity enterprise users have with them, the advantages VIO offers today are temporary. Of course, nobody knows whether VMware and OpenStack will co-exist in the enterprise data center 10 years from now, but the onramp to private cloud that combines the next generation of IT represented by OpenStack and the trust enterprises have in VMware today is a powerful proposition, writes Yevgeniy Sverdlik at Data Center Knowledge. 

HP beefs up integration between OpenStack, Cloud Foundry in CloudSystem

Whether these additions are the shot in the arm HP’s cloud offerings need to become more successful in the enterprise is anybody’s guess. Although the company is doing well in providing the infrastructure for others’ clouds, its own cloud services offerings are still struggling against competitors, writes Chris Talbot in FierceDevOps.

Managing Cloud Platforms: OpenStack Optimizes The Vendor-Neutral Cloud

The business case for leveraging Open Source solutions is compelling and gaining traction in the market. Further, OpenStack as an open source cloud platform that has become a compatibility standard for the private cloud market. OpenStack adoption is accelerating worldwide, driven by the need for low cost, scalable cloud infrastructure, writes Tom Hance project manager and senior architect at Paragon Solutions.

Open Source Storage Joins OpenStack Foundation

“Joining the OpenStack Foundation represents a key area of expansion for the company. This is part of a strategic plan created to drive Open Source Storage growth,” said Eren Niazi, founder and CEO in the press release.

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