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Spotlight on: The Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai Agenda

The agenda for the Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai went live this week! Join the global community in Shanghai from November 4-6 to experience:

  • Keynote and breakout sessions spanning 30+ open source projects from technical community leaders and organizations including:
    • Managing a growing OpenStack cloud in production at ByteDance (creator of TikTok) who runs an OpenStack environment of 300,000 cores and is still rapidly growing at a rate of 30,000 CPU cores per month
    • Monitoring and Autoscaling Features for Self -Managed Kubernetes clusters at WalmartLabs
    • Secured edge infrastructure for Contactless Payment System with StarlingX at China UnionPay
    • How to run a public cloud on OpenStack from China Mobile
    • Integrating RabbitMQ with OpenStack at LINE, the most popular messaging app in Japan
    • Project updates and onboarding from OSF projects: Airship, Kata Containers, OpenStack, StarlingX, and Zuul.
    • Collaborative sessions at the Forum, where open infrastructure operators and upstream developers will gather to jointly chart the future of open source infrastructure, discussing topics ranging from upgrades to networking models and how to get started contributing.
    • Hands-on training around open source technologies directly from the developers and operators building the software.
    • The Summit will be followed by the Project Teams Gathering (PTG): various open source contributor teams and working groups will meet to get work done, with a special focus this PTG around onboarding new team members.

Now, it’s time to register you and your team for the Shanghai Summit before prices increase next week on August 14 at 11:59pm PT (August 15 at 2:59pm China Standard Time). If your organization is recruiting new talent or wanting to share news around a new product launch, join the Summit as a sponsor by reaching out to [email protected].

OpenStack Foundation:

Open Infrastructure Summit:

  • The Community Contributor Award nominations are open until October 20th at 7:00 UTC. Community members from any Foundation project from Airship, Kata Containers, OpenStack, StarlingX and Zuul can be nominated! Recipients will be announced in Shanghai at the Summit.
  • Registration is open. Summit tickets grant you access to the PTG. Save on tickets by purchasing them now at the early bird price. There are 2 ways to register – in USD or in RMB (with fapiao)
  • Know an organization that’s innovating with open infrastructure? Nominate them for the Superuser Awards by September 27.
  • Need a Chinese Visa? Start the process now! Information here.
  • Have your brand in the spotlight by sponsoring the Summit! Learn more here.
  • The Travel Support Program is also available. Apply before August 13!

Project Teams Gathering:

  • PTG attendance surveys have been sent out to project/group/team leads and responses are due August 11. If you are a team lead and missed the email with the survey, please contact Kendall Nelson ([email protected]) ASAP.
  • Registration is open. PTG tickets are included with Summit registration. Save on tickets by purchasing them now at the early bird price. There are 2 ways to register – in USD or in RMB (with fapiao)
  • The Travel Support Program is also available. Apply before August 13!

Airship: Elevate Your Infrastructure

  • Directly following the Technical Committee election, the Airship project is holding its first Working Committee election. The Working Committee is intended to help influence the project strategy, help arbitrate when there is a disagreement between Core Reviewers within a single project or between Airship projects, define the project core principles, perform marketing and communications, and finally help provide product management as well as ecosystem support. The close of the Working Committee polling will mark the full transition to Airship being a community governed open source project with 100% elected leadership.

Kata Containers: The speed of containers, the security of VMs

  • Kata Containers 1.8 release landed on July 24. This latest release upgrades the QEMU hypervisor from a QEMU-lite base to upstream QEMU 4.0. Kata templating code is updated to make use of the upstream x-ignored-shared. Firecracker hypervisor is also updated to 0.17, and Kata now has support for using Firecracker’s jailer, adding extra security isolation for the VMM on the host. Fixes and usability improvements for virtio-fs have also been introduced.
  • The Kata Containers 1.9 Alpha release was also created. In the upcoming 1.9 release, which is expected to land in mid-October, Kata will introduce support for a new hypervisor: ACRN. View the latest Kata Containers releases here.
    The Kata community is excited to again have a significant presence at the upcoming Open Infrastructure Summit with 5 talks accepted. Check out the full line-up of Kata sessions here.

OpenStack: Open Source Software for Creating Private and Public Clouds

  • The OpenStack User Committee (UC) is tasked with representing OpenStack users in the project governance. Two UC seats will soon be renewed. The nomination period is currently underway.
  • The next OpenStack release (planned for October 16) is called Train. But what should be the name of the release after that? Our release naming process calls for a name starting with the letter U, ideally related to a geographic feature close to Shanghai, China. The community proposed several options, and a community poll will soon be opened. Watch out for it!
  • Each release cycle, we define common goals for the OpenStack project teams. The goal selection process for the ‘U’ release has started: please read Ghanshyam Mann’s openstack-discuss email if you want to make suggestions.
  • A security vulnerability in Nova Compute has been announced for all current versions, so anyone running it should make sure their deployment is updated with the corresponding release’s fix as soon as possible.

StarlingX: A Fully Featured Cloud for the Distributed Edge

  • See the list of StarlingX sessions on the upcoming Open infrastructure Summit in Shanghai here!
  • In preparation for the 2.0 release the community cut RC1 with a new branch this week. The testing of the stable codebase is still ongoing to assure high code quality when the release comes out at the end of August.

Zuul: Stop Merging Broken Code

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