This month’s OSF newsletter features a Open Infrastructure Summit recap and project updates, including notes from the Shanghai Project Teams Gathering.


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Spotlight on the Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai

Attendees from over 45 countries attended the Open Infrastructure Summit earlier this month that was hosted in Shanghai, followed by the Project Teams Gathering (PTG). Use cases, tutorials, and demos covering 40+ open source projects including Airship, Ceph, Hadoop, Kata Containers, Kubernetes, OpenStack, StarlingX, and Zuul were featured at the Summit.

With the support of the active Open Infrastructure community in China, the market share of OpenStack in the APAC region is expected to increase by 36% in the next four years (451 Research report: OpenStack Market Monitor, 451 Research, September 2019). Currently, China is the second largest market adopting OpenStack software, and it ranks second in the code contribution of the latest version of the OpenStack Train release. Just like what Jonathan Bryce said in the keynotes, “The Summits bring our community members together to meet face to face, advancing the software we build and use daily.”
Check out the highlights of the Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai:

  • In the Monday morning keynotes, Guohua Xi, the President of the China Communications Standards Association (CCSA), kicked off the event by sharing a call to action for the Chinese community to encourage cross community collaboration to drive innovation. Open Infrastructure users including Baidu, China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Intel, and Tencent also gave a keynote and shared the key role of the open source projects, such as Kata Containers and OpenStack, in their 5G and container business strategies. Keynote videos are now available here
  • In breakout sessions, Alibaba, Baidu and Tencent presented their Open Infrastructure use cases, highlighting the integration of multiple technologies including Ceph, Kata Containers, Kubernetes, OpenStack, and more. China Railway, China Mobile, Walmart Labs, Line and China UnionPay are among additional Open Infrastructure users who shared their innovations and open source best practices at the Shanghai Summit. Breakout session videos are being added here
  • For its latest release Train, OpenStack received 25,500 code changes by 1,125 developers from 150 different companies. This pace of development makes OpenStack one of the top three most active open source projects in the world alongside Chromium and Linux. 
  • Selected by members of the OSF community, Baidu ABC Cloud Group and Edge Security Team won the Superuser Award for the unique nature of its Kata Containers and OpenStack use case as well as its integration and application of open infrastructure.
  • Combining OpenStack and Kubernetes to address users’ infrastructure needs at scale, Airship joined Kata Containers and Zuul as confirmed Open Infrastructure Projects supported by the OpenStack Foundation. SKT, Intel, Inspur and more companies presented their Airship uses case on developing infrastructure solution.
  • Congratulations to Troila for being elected as a new Gold Member of the OpenStack Foundation! Learn more about it here

Summit keynote videos are already available, and breakout videos will be available on the Open Infrastructure videos page in the upcoming weeks. Thank you to our Shanghai Summit sponsors for supporting the event!

OpenStack Foundation (OSF)

  • The next OSF event will be a collaboration-centric event, happening in Vancouver, Canada June 8-11, 2020. Mark your calendars!
  • Troila was elected as a new Gold Member for the OpenStack Foundation at the Shanghai Board of Directors meeting.

Airship: Elevate your infrastructure

  • Last month, Airship was confirmed by OSF as a top level project — congratulations to the community!
  • The Airship community has made significant progress in Airship 2.0. 17% of planned work was completed, and another 18% is in progress and/or in review. The community is looking for more developers to contribute code. Interested in getting involved? Check out this page.

Kata Containers: The speed of containers, the security of VMs

OpenStack: Open source software for creating private and public clouds

  • Several OpenStack project teams, SIGs and working groups met during the Project Teams Gathering in Shanghai to prepare the Ussuri development cycle. Reports are starting to be posted to the openstack-discuss mailing-list.
  • Sławek Kapłoński, the Neutron PTL, recently reported that neutron-fwaas, neutron-vpnaas, neutron-bagpipe and neutron-bgpvpn are lacking interested maintainers. The Neutron team will drop those modules from future official OpenStack releases if nothing changes by the ussuri-2 milestone, February 14. If you are using those features and would like to step up to help, now is your chance!
  • We are looking for a name for the ‘V’ release of OpenStack, to follow the Ussuri release. Learn more about it in this post by Sean McGinnis
  • The next OpenStack Ops meetup will happen in London, UK on January 7-8. Stay tuned for registration information!

StarlingX: A fully featured cloud for the distributed edge

  • The StarlingX community met during the Project Teams Gathering in Shanghai to discuss topics like 4.0 release planning, documentation and how to improve the contribution process. You can check notes on their etherpad for the event.
  • The upcoming StarlingX 3.0 release will contain the Train version of OpenStack. The community is working on some last bits including testing and bug fixes before the release in December. You can find more information in StoryBoard about the release.

Zuul: Stop merging broken code

  • The Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai included a variety of talks, presentations, and discussions about Zuul; a quick project update from lead Zuul maintainer James Blair during keynotes set the tone for the days which followed.

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