It’s spring and new releases have sprung for Kata Containers and Zuul! The next crop: OpenStack Stein and Airship.


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OSF Project Releases

  • Kata Containers
    The Kata Containers community recently announced its 1.6.0 release. Features include OpenTracing support; changes to enabled virtio-fs so the agent can mount virtio-fs shared directories; NVDIMM support on arm64; CPU cgroups in sandbox are honored which includes user defined paths and the limit of hypervisor vCPU threads. The project also updated to the Linux Kernel 4.19.x as its preferred kernel version.

  • Zuul
    With the recent 3.7 release, Zuul executors can now manage multiple Ansible versions allowing jobs to choose which one to use and now supports Ansible 2.6 and 2.7  Priority review focus is now shifting to zuul-runner, an effort to simplify local reproduction of builds from job configuration.

Upcoming releases

  • OpenStack
    We’ll be toasting the OpenStack Stein release in just two weeks! Release candidates were just produced for all deliverables. Please help testing them and report release-critical issues or regressions that might have slipped through automated testing. Meanwhile, the election of project team leads for the upcoming Train cycle just concluded. About 38 percent of teams changed their project leads, including Swift where Tim Burke takes the helm replacing John Dickinson who guided the project since the Diablo cycle.
  • Airship
    • The Airship team continues to work towards its 1.0 release with a focus on solid documentation, including the Treasure Map project which gives users a tested starting point for production deployments.
    • At the weekly design meetings, the Airship team has been focusing on building out a new workflow for managing bare metal. At the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver, attendees can learn more about how Airship will employ OpenStack Ironic within Kubernetes to manage bare metal in the session “Bare Metal Provisioning In Airship: Ironic It’s Not Just For OpenStack Anymore.”


  • The next StarlingX release is scheduled for the week of May 20 featuring components from the latest OpenStack release, Stein.
  • The community has been working with several OpenStack projects to add functionality including the new network segment range management feature in Neutron to support edge use cases.

OpenStack Foundation news

Open Infrastructure Summit updates

The agenda for the Denver Summit, Forum and PTG are now live. Register before April 11 to save $300 USD.

Sponsorship opportunities for the Shanghai Summit are currently available. Information on registration and the call for papers will be available in the upcoming weeks.

An upcoming Board of Directors meeting on April 8 will focus on reviewing presentations from OSF pilot projects applying for confirmation.  Audio from the meeting will be made available to the community.

Open infrastructure community events

  • Find out why software-defined networking is so important in telco cloud deployments at an event hosted by Open Infrastructure CDMX User Group.
  • Explore open infrastructure and open source solutions at the with Intel, Huawei, 99cloud and more at the OpenInfra event hosted by China Open Infrastructure Meetup group.
  • Learn about open hardware, containers, automation at OpenInfra Day UK April 1-2.
  • Find the OpenStack Foundation at SUSE Con April 1-5 and Foundation members at Open Networking Summit North America on April 3-5.

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