What’s new with StarlingX, Zuul, Kata and what to expect at the OpenInfraSummit.


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OpenStack Foundation project news


OpenStack Stein was recently released but the community is already onboard for the next release, Train, scheduled to arrive in October. At next week’s Summit in Denver, you can join open design discussions at the Forum during the Open Infrastructure Summit. Etherpads will be used for collaborative note-taking during those sessions. Then various contributor teams will take advantage of the Projects Team Gathering event to meet and discuss how to organize the upcoming work.

The process to select community goals for the Train release is almost complete: check out the two proposed cross-team goals (PDF docs generation support and IPv6 testing in the gate) and learn about the proponents driving them.


StarlingX was one of the projects with the second largest presence at the ninth Open Source Hackathon that took place in Shenzhen, China, April 18 – 20. During the hackathon, the community worked on bug fixes and discussed new features for the projects. You can check out their progress on the event Etherpad.


Zuul 3.8.0 has been released and includes an important security update. Users should upgrade to this version. More information can be found on the release announcement.

Meet the Zuul community at the Open Infrastructure Summit, April 29 – May 1 in Denver, Colorado. Topics include a project update and opportunities to hear from users of Zuul across a variety of communities, technologies and industries (Airship, Finance, Kubernetes, OpenLab, SR-IOV).

Kata Containers

Kata Containers testing and packaging is powered by a diverse ecosystem of infrastructure donors including AWS, Google Compute Engine, IBM, Microsoft Azure, openSUSE Open Build Service, PackageCloud, Packet and Vexxhost, an OpenStack-powered public cloud. The Kata project runs continuous integration (CI) in the cloud for a few reasons. First, maintaining its own infrastructure was not a viable option for an open and distributed development team. Secondly the community wanted to make sure that Kata Containers runs properly on different clouds, so the CI is run using the services of multiple cloud service providers. Learn more about how Kata manages testing in this post.

Next week the Kata community is excited to gather at the Open Infrastructure Summit and PTG in Denver to discuss container security and collaborate with other projects. See the full lineup of Kata talks here.

Open infrastructure community events

Hope to see you in at the Open Infra Summit in Denver. Afterwards, here’s where you can catch up with the global community:

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