Get involved upstream with Glance, Airship TC elections open, Zuul 3.9.0 lands and more.


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Spotlight: Upstream investment opportunities launch with Glance

It takes a global village to develop the OpenStack open infrastructure platform. From time to time, the community identifies activities where additional volunteers could make a substantial impact. OpenStack recently started to revamp the help wanted list with a new process to better underscore the investment opportunities available upstream.

The first request for more brainpower comes from the Glance team. As OpenStack’s disk image management service, Glance provides a crucial component for a vast majority of deployments. Its source code is maintained by a small but dedicated team looking to expand their ranks to take on some additional challenges in upcoming development cycles.

Collaboration with a focused team like Glance can be a rewarding experience even for seasoned developers and provides a platform for newcomers to grow professionally due to its central nature and interdependence with other services. Working on a project like this also enhances an organization’s understanding of OpenStack (both the software and the people who come together to produce it) and can be instrumental in improving its own efficacy in the broader ecosystem.

Assistance is especially appreciated with code review, bug triage and fixes, development of new features, and bringing the software in line with emerging standards. If you or your employer want to help with Glance, please see the Glance contributors upstream investment opportunity for details on how to get involved.

OpenStack Foundation news

  • The OpenStack Foundation joined the Open Source Initiative as an affiliate member. This provides a unique opportunity to work together to identify and share resources that foster community and facilitate collaboration to support the awareness and integration of open-source technologies.

Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai and Project Teams Gathering (PTG)

  • Registration is open. Summit tickets also grant access to the PTG. You can pay in U.S. dollars or yuan if you need an official invoice (fapiao.)
  • If your organization can’t fund your travel, apply for the Travel Support Program by August 8.
  • If you need a travel visa, get started now: Information here.
  • Put your brand in the spotlight by sponsoring the Summit: Learn more here.
  • Next week, we’ll be sending surveys to teams about their participation at the PTG.

OpenStack Foundation project news


  • The upcoming OpenStack release, Train, is planned to arrive October 16. But what about the name of the release after that? The release naming process calls for a moniker starting with the letter U, ideally related to a geographic feature close to Shanghai, China. Post your picks on the release naming Wiki page.
  • A great way to get involved in our community is to help run community elections. If you’re interested in helping for the next round in September, reach out to the current election officials.
  • The 2019 OpenStack User Survey is currently open. If you’re operating OpenStack, please share your deployment choices and feedback by August 22.


  • The first Airship Technical Committee elections are underway. With six nominations from six companies, the elections reflect how much the Airship community has grown since the project launch, just over a year ago. Polls close on July 9.
  • Drawing on the project’s telecom roots, the Airship community has proposed a new OPNFV project for an infrastructure deployment and lifecycle management tool to provide cloud and NFV infrastructure to support VNF testing and certification. The project already has a large cross-industry contributor base and plans to land a first release for fall 2019.


  • The community has been working hard on the second release of the project and recently reached their third milestone. This means that the release timeline is on track and the community is focusing on bug fixes, testing and some features that got an exception to still be able to fit them into the release.
  • The community has also started their planning for the third release which will happen later this year to include features such as the Train version of the OpenStack services or Time Sensitive Networking and Redfish support.


  • Zuul 3.9.0 is released. Ansible 2.8 support is added to Zuul for job execution. Pipelines may be configured to “fail fast” stopping a buildset and reporting its results after the first failure. More details in the release notes.
  • Nodepool 3.7.0 launched. A new driver supporting unprivileged OpenShift clusters has been added. Improvements to networking and host key management have been added to the OpenStack driver. More details can be found in Nodepool’s release notes.
  • Join the Zuul community at AnsibleFest in Atlanta, September 24-26.

Upcoming Open Infrastructure Community Events






OSF reception on Monday, November 18 at the Hilton Bayfront Hotel

OSF booth

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