The Open Infrastructure Summit comes to Shanghai, the Ops meetup heads to Berlin, a new look for the Airship site and more.


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Spotlight on… StarlingX

StarlingX, a pilot project supported by the OpenStack Foundation (OSF), provides an integrated open source platform optimized for edge computing and IoT use cases. StarlingX integrates well-known open source components — Ceph, Kubernetes, relevant OpenStack services among others — taking them to the next level to meet strict requirements like providing low latency and high bandwidth for applications with a small footprint on the infrastructure layer. The platform is designed to be scalable and the community is continuously working on making it more flexible, reliable and feature rich.

The StarlingX community held its first contributor meetup January 15-16 in Chandler, Arizona to discuss topics relevant to design, development and testing activities, onboarding, and processes.

Earlier, the community had decided to switch to two project releases per year starting with the next release scheduled for May 2019, based on OpenStack Stein. Subsequent StarlingX software releases will align with the OpenStack release cadence. At the meetup, the community discussed the status of items on the release roadmap to agree on an execution plan and priorities. Discussion points included the status of items the community is working on to contribute to upstream projects such as OpenStack Nova and Neutron. Additional topics included items that can stretch to multiple releases including containerization of control plane services, multi operating system (multi-OS) support and further support for mixed workloads including VMs, containers and bare metal.

StarlingX is supported by a growing community and the members are prioritizing onboarding and documentation to help users and new contributors try out the software and get involved. The community is currently developing on a hands-on workshop to guide attendees through the installation process and highlight some software features.

The next Technical Steering Committee (TSC) election will occur in the second quarter of this year with five seats open.

If you’d like to get involved in the community in general:

OpenStack Foundation news

  • After you register for the Open Infrastructure Summit Denver (by the February 27 early bird deadline!), set your sights on Shanghai, China the week of November 4, 2019. Registration and sponsorship opportunities will be available soon, but you can sign up for updates here.
  • Today, community voting for the Open Infrastructure Summit Denver opened! Vote for your favorite session ideas before February 4 to help the Programming Committees shape the final schedule. Let’s bring the best possible content to Denver!
  • This weekend, the OpenStack Foundation will have a booth at FOSDEM. Stop by the booth to meet members of the open infrastructure community and get involved.
  • The Diversity & Inclusion Working Group is conducting an anonymous survey to better understand the diversity and makeup of the community. Participation is appreciated so we can better understand and serve the community. Share any questions with working group chair, Amy Marrich (spotz on IRC).

OpenStack Foundation Project News


  • The next OpenStack Ops meetup will take place in Berlin, March 6 – 7. For more details, see the event planning Etherpad.
  • OpenStack SIGs (special interest groups) are groups of contributors interested in working on a specific problem space in OpenStack. The newest one is (lucky number 13!) is the Auto-scaling SIG, dedicated to improving user experience on auto-scaling and related features including metering, cluster scheduling and application lifecycle management.
  • Technical Committee elections are coming up. Nominations open February 12 and voting launches February 26.


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