What’s new with StarlingX, Zuu the Train release and where to find the open infra community next.


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OpenStack Foundation news

  • Open Infrastructure Summit Denver
      • The videos from the Summit keynotes and breakout sessions are now available. Watch them now!
  •  Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai

OpenStack Foundation Project News


  • OpenStack developers are chugging away on the Train development cycle. A discussion on +1 votes without accompanying comment led to a helpful reminder that we have documented reviewing guidelines inside our Project Team Guide. Please take a look if you have questions on how to review changes the OpenStack way!
  • As a way to celebrate little successes in our community, Alex Settle revived the Successes and Thanks bot. This week Ben Nemec reported solving the bandit issue that was blocking our CI, and Clark Boylan celebrated the deployment of Puppet-v4 on our infrastructure (thanks to Colleen Murphy!)
  • The documentation team is going through the final transition of decentralizing the documentation team thanks to Train PTL, Stephen Finucane. Patches are coming through thick and fast, but don’t be alarmed: OpenStack docs aren’t going anywhere and the team will still be around to support project teams. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks.
  • If you are running OpenStack, please log your deployment in the 2019 User Survey. The 2019 survey closes August 22 and your feedback is helpful in shaping future software releases.


  • Building upon the lessons learned from the use of the 1.0 release in production, the Airship team has started the design process for its next major release. A fundamental new component of this will be AirshipCTL, a new tool written in Go to pilot Airship deployments and upgrades. Get involved or follow along with the AirshipCTL specification.


  • If you’d like to catch up about StarlingX’s experience at the Open Infrastructure Summit in Denver check out the latest blog post on the website.
  • If you are evaluating StarlingX or participating in the project fill out this short survey to inform the community about your use case and give them feedback: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/StarlingX.


  • May 22 marked the seventh anniversary for the first public announcement of the Zuul project’s name, originally mentioned along with a summary of its initial design.
  • An article about Zuul’s confirmation as an official Open Infrastructure Project was published in Superuser.
  • James Blair posted another project update to the Zuul discussion mailing list, with details on new features under design as well as ongoing improvements in stability and performance slated for upcoming releases.

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