The first edition offers a fascinating snapshot of what’s in national production.


HANOI — The global community came together to celebrate the themes of sharing and collaboration for the first OpenInfra Days in Vietnam.

Held at the Sheraton Hanoi, the August 25 event was the culmination of two years of experience and four months of group work.  The efforts paid off: over 250 paying participants heard a packed morning of keynotes and three tracks of  speakers in the afternoon. This first edition was bolstered by 22 sponsors and sunny weather, too.

Deployment highlights

Here are some highlights from companies running OpenStack in production provided by members of the Vietnam OpenStack User Group. The user group, the main driver of the event, boasts some 3,000 members who have hosted 31 events in recent years before coming together to organize OpenInfra Days. For a further look inside the event, check out the slides from the presentations and take a look at the group’s photo album here.


  • One of the largest telecoms in Vietnam. They mainly provide IaaS (cloud servers, object storage, block storage, backup services) and cloud security with anti-DDoS and WAF from ISP networks. They’re currently testing and planing to integrate OVS-DPDK, Octavia and migrating legacy network function to VNF.
  • Currently deploying OpenStack core services (Nova, Neutron L3, Cinder, Glance and Keystone), Heat, Masakari, Ironic, Ceph in three data centers.


  • A web services hosting company providing exclusively cloud servers, block storage and backup.
  • Current deployment: OpenStack core services and Heat in three data centers.


  • A cloud infrastructure provider, providing CDN on IaaS and PaaS.
  • Deployed OpenStack projects:  OpenStack core services, Octavia and Heat in two data centers.

Vega Corp

  • A multimedia company that provides VAS and CDN services based on OpenStack.
  • Deployed OpenStack projects: OpenStack core services, Designate.


  • A cloud infrastructure provider company providing IaaS and CDN.
  • Currently deploying OpenStack core services in at least two data centers.

Nhan Hoa

  • A web services hosting company that provides IaaS with OpenStack core services.

Hosting Viet

  • A web services hosting company that provides IaaS with OpenStack core services.


  • A web services hosting company that provides IaaS with OpenStack core services.

Can Tho Government People’s Committee

  • A private OpenStack cloud for e-government services using OpenStack core services in one data center.


  • Another large national telecom offering IaaS.
  • Current deployment: OpenStack core services in two data centers with over 1,000 virtual machines

Ministry of Health

  • OpenStack core services in one data center through a private cloud with MediTechJSC.


  • A cloud infrastructure IaaS provider. Using OpenStack core services in one data center deployed MediTechJSC

Passion is the key ingredient

“Passion” is the word that the founder of the Vietnam User Group chose to describe the way they build community, reports Rico Lin. Based in Taiwan, Lin is the current project team lead for the Heat orchestration project and software engineer at EasyStack.

He spoke at the event – more on this in an upcoming post – and says that he especially appreciated the efforts made by organizers to provide simultaneous translation for all the sessions assuring that global OpenStack members could also participate and felt welcome. Organizers also attracted speakers from outside the country including board member Monty Taylor, OpenStack ambassador John Studarus, Shintaro Mizuno of the OpenStack Japan User Group and IBM’s Olaph Wagoner.

“They took steps to involve the global community and make local OpenInfra Days not local at all! I’m here just like an attendee from Vietnam, can go to whatever sessions I like and enjoyed them very much,” says Lin.

Join the Vietnam User Group or follow them on Twitter or Facebook for more on how to get involved next year.