This week’s OpenInfra Live episode is brought to you by the experts from the Zuul community, discussing what Zuul is, the community, getting started, what’s next, and more.


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This week’s OpenInfra Live episode is brought to you by the experts from the Zuul community, discussing what Zuul is, the community, getting started, what’s next, and more.

Don’t merge broken code. Infrastructure at scale relies on quality software that is tested before it’s deployed. Operators rely on open source CI systems like Zuul for gating, scaling across organizations and cross-project dependencies. 

In this OpenInfra.Live episode, James Blair, Zuul Maintainer and CEO at Acme Gating, and Mohammed Naser, CEO of Vexxhost provided an overview of Zuul, the open source CI/CD business case and a demo showing what cross project dependencies look like in production.

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Key Takeaways

A Discussion on Zuul, Its History, and Community

James Blair from Acme Gating introduced  Zuul as a project gating system that tests your software before deploying it. He explained that Zuul was originally developed for OpenStack to test cross-project dependencies among OpenStack’s numerous microservices. He went on to highlight the numerous organizations deploying Zuul at a variety of scales including Volvo Cars

Zuul Features 

James followed the brief Volvo presentations by explaining key features that make Zuul desirable in organizations including:

  • Multi-tenancy to bring your teams together while providing autonomy.
  • Cross-connection to support Gerrit, Github, Gitlab, and Pargure at the same time.
  • Multi-node, multi-cloud support for AWs, Azure, GCE, K8s, OpenShift, OpenStack, and more in the works.
  • Speculative execution provides gating project changes to test changes even if one fails and cross project dependencies which allows you to express the changes between a frontend UI change, a backend server change, and library changes to test them all together.

A Zuul Demo

Mohammed Naser, CEO of Vexxhost, then provided a demo of building a library using Zuul. In his use case, Mohammed showed cross project dependencies in action to prevent the merging of broken code. 

Getting Started with Zuul

Mohammed passed it back to James to discuss Zuul’s quick-start guide to get a complete Zuul system up and running in seconds. If you are looking for more Zuul support, you can check out:

  • Acme Gating that offers development, consulting, and support of Zuul
  • Vexxhost that offers hosted Zuul services

What’s next for Zuul?

Following the live Q&A discussion, James wrapped up with a sneak-peek into what the Zuul community is working on including:

  • HA scheduler, no more SPOF
  • Sensitive data encrypted at rest
  • Better metrics reporting and logging

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