Pierre Lynch, of Keysight Technologies UK Ltd. on collaboration, testing and what’s next.


Network Function Virtualization (NFV) aims to virtualize over generic servers the network functions that typically run in dedicated appliances, so that they acquire all the advantages of cloud applications — almost a must for today’s applications like 5G.

Pierre Lynch, of Keysight Technologies UK Ltd, believes that open source is a key tool to its future development.

When asked whether open source been accepted as the norm by the telecoms industry in an interview with TelecomTV, Lynch replied “As the norm is a little strong, but I think it’s on the way, absolutely.” Lynch, who will be participating in two sessions on ETSI and NFV at the upcoming OpenStack Summit Vancouver, adds that the considerable presence of OPNFV and ONAP at industry events “are a big deal, people are paying a lot of attention.”

“One of the coolest things about OPNFV is that they positioned themselves as a reference platform,” says Lynch, who also chairs the Testing, Implementation and Open Source (TST) Working Group at ETSI NFV ISG. “They’re the masters of testing, they’ve been pushing the boundaries of really advanced CI type of testing and cross-community testing to the point where people are starting to use their test frameworks in their own labs.”

As further evidence of the collaborative spirit, the next ETSI plug test will be co-located with the OPNFV Fraser Plugfest. This will be the third round of ETSI NFV Plugtests — read all about them here — this time concentrating on building and demonstrating complex network services that combine virtual network functions from different VNF providers and developers while testing interoperability with MANO solutions across different platforms and sites.

Lynch, who acknowledges that things changing at lightning speed and describes himself  as hailing “from the 3G/4G world,” sees a bright future for open source and NFV.

“I’m a bit of a an optimist, but it’s not a competition. There’s a lot of collaboration and in fact it’s complementary.”

Before the plug test event, there are over 50 events (sessions, fishbowls, lightning talks) at the upcoming OSF Vancouver Summit featuring NFV, ONAP and 5g. Check out the schedule here.

Watch the full TelecomTV interview here.