How to draw an owl, a pitch for “Liberty” T-shirts and the potential of Panelist-as-a-Service in this week’s round-up of what’s going on in the OpenStack community…


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In Case You Missed It

With the net neutrality debate brewing up a storm, Javier Barabas at IBM wonders if Cloud computing should be our next public utility?

Nick Chase at Mirantis picks apart the latest survey on the success (or lack of it) of private clouds from “OpenStack character assassin” Gartner with “Lies, damned lies, and cloud statistics.”

“It’s been said that sometimes the only thing worse than no choices is too many choices. If that’s the case, the enterprise could be in a jam when it comes to cloud architectures,” opines Arthur Cole on the Tesora blog. Cole says the growing number of choices could lead to paralysis or, at the very least, require more finesse with designing workloads.

Eric Wright, better known as disco posse, hits all the right memes with his post on “OpenStack Learning Challenges – Drawing the Owl” and offers some great tips on how to make getting started easier. The post includes a great video interview with Eric on OpenStack as part of the CurrentStatus series, too.

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