Will there ever be a ‘Vanilla’ OpenStack? What about eating your competitor’s lunch? This and more musings to whet your appetite from the OpenStack community this week…


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In Case You Missed It

The inimitable Randy Bias stirs the pot with why “Vanilla OpenStack” doesn’t exist and never will.

It’s the week for food analogies, apparently. Jodi Smith over at Mirantis imagines some playground shenanigans with How VMware could eat Red Hat’s lunch.

But the tastiest morsel is for last: Open Source and DreamHost: Like Peanut Butter and Chocolate.

If coders love challenges, what happens when OpenStack keeps getting easier? Arthur Cole over at the Tesora blog looks to the dangers and opportunities as we march on.

What’s got OpenStack Board member Rob Hirschfeld in knots? "OpenStack loves to track developer counts and committers, but velocity without a feedback loop to set direction is unlikely to get us anywhere sustainable." More on his takeaways from the recent Product Working Group meeting.

Voting is open until February 10 for the next release name: are we more about Love, Liberty, Lizard or London, people? Here’s the backstory on how the releases get those quirky names…

And a final tidbit of good news, OpenStack users: the Hypervisor Support Matrix is now continuously updated. Boom!

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