“As things stand at the moment, OpenStack looks like a fine example of what the open source development model can achieve.”


There’s a lot going on in the OpenStack community and it’s easy to get lost in the noise. We’ve collected the top stories and conversations you need to know about this week. From the latest OpenStack resources to news about users, we share the content you need to stay up to date.

Weighing up OpenStack: from Juno to Kilo and beyond

By: Kane Fulton

Kane Fulton interviewed Jonathan Bryce at the OpenStack Summit on a variety of topics, including what’s new in Juno, what’s coming in Kilo, why NFV could play a big role for telcos using OpenStack, and questions of security and training in the community.

OpenStack: Do The Needs of the Many Outweigh the Needs of the Few? [VIDEO]

By: Sean Michael Kerner

In a video interview at the Summit, Mark Collier examines the question of whether or not OpenStack is evolving to meet "multiple layers" of needs.

OpenStack approaching a critical phase in its development

By: Daniel Robinson

The OpenStack Summit in Paris reinforced the idea that OpenStack is at the epicenter of a major change in the tech industry.

OpenStack Execs Discuss Kilo Release, Ironic Project and More

By: Sean M. Kerner

Jonathan Bryce and Mark Collier of the OpenStack Foundation discuss what to expect in the upcoming Kilo release.

OpenStack’s Juno Summit addresses enterprise adoption for record crowd in Paris

By: Al Sadowski

This is 451 Researcher’s take on OpenStack’s progress to date, along with some interesting tidbits on Parisian history. It also includes highlights of the Summit, including a handful of the user stories featured on stage.

"I was struck by the almost palpable buzz of excitement around the conference hall during the [OpenStack summit.]" -Daniel Robinson in v3.co.uk

"The increased number of operators that have been deploying OpenStack and have been through several upgrades, is a sign of OpenStack’s coming of age." -Red Hat Product Managers in the Red Hat Blog

"The ‘Open’ in OpenStack is not just a gimmick, riding on the wave of Open Source. The development of OpenStack happens as transparently as possible: all designs are out there and everyone can contribute ideas or source code." -Nicholas Trangez in Scality’s blog

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