“One of the key premises of OpenStack is open design,” says Thierry Carrez, director of engineering. “We don’t come with preconceived ideas…The Liberty cycle is decided here.”


At every OpenStack Summit, the Design Summit provides the opportunity for collaborative working sessions where OpenStack developers come together to discuss requirements for the next software release and connect with other community members. In Vancouver, the conversation is dedicated toward the upcoming Liberty release.

A key theme for the Summit was interoperability for OpenStack clouds, made possible with features that were decided on in the previous Design Summit.

"In the Kilo release the most interesting feature we delivered was in Keystone federated identity features," said Thierry Carrez, OpenStack’s director of engineering. "They complimented what we already had with the Juno cycle, providing extra capabilities for clouds to interact with one another."

Watch the highlights below:

To Tom Fifield, community manager at the OpenStack Foundation, user feedback is a critical part of the design and development process:

“It’s not just about coming up with feature requests at the beginning, running away, and complaining when they don’t get implemented. Watching the development progress — being an active part of the design and collaborating at the same level as developers — Summits are the place where all of the developers and operators come together to make that a reality.”

This year, OpenStack introduced a new format for collaboration at the Design Summit that utilizes two types of primary sessions:

  • Fishbowl: open sessions to discuss a specific feature or issue that needs to be solved. They happen in large rooms organized in fishbowl style (meaning, concentric rings of chairs).
  • Work: dedicated to smaller groups, and tailored toward people already involved in an OpenStack project looking to focus on specific issues. More information on working group sessions will be available in the Design Summit etherpads.

Feedback on the Design Summit has been positive. Take a look at what some of the attendees have had to say: