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In Case You Missed It

“Far from being stuck in the past, tape could be the storage medium of the future,” writes Ian Barker at ITProportal.

His piece on why you should care about IBM’s new tape storage record also says that research scientists in Zurich are exploring the integration of tape technology with current cloud object storage systems like OpenStack Swift. "This would enable object storage on tape and allow users to seamlessly migrate cold data to a low-cost, highly durable cloud based storage tier perfectly suited for back-up or archive use," says IBM.

OVN and OpenStack Integration Development Update
“Implementation has been coming along well in the last month, so I wanted to share an overview of what we have so far.  We’re aiming to have a working implementation of L2 connectivity by the OpenStack Vancouver Summit next month,” says OpenStack individual board member Russell Bryant on his blog.

For the catastrophe-of-the-week story, we’ve got Business Insider asking, "Investors were once tripping over themselves to get into a hot technology called OpenStack. What happened?"

"Venture capital support for OpenStack startups has all but dried up. In the last week, one of the once-hottest OpenStack startups, Nebula, went bust, and another one, Piston announced that you could now use its core product to install hot software like Hadoop and Mesos in addition to the cooling OpenStack — a huge departure," says reporter Matt Weinberger.

OpenStack heads back to school, thanks to Tesora. “I wanted to see whether a group of CS/EE students would find it interesting to have a complete and functioning cloud on their own machine," says Amrith Kumar, founder and CTO. "One where they could see all the inner workings. Where they could tweak and change pieces of it and see what happened, or where they could write their own cool extensions to it."

What’s the fallout from the recent demise of startup Nebula? In an commentary piece, Charles Babcock over at Information Week predicts that “OpenStack is gaining a bigger role for companies building private clouds inside their data centers, while finding a diminished role in running public clouds.”

“So Nutanix is in yet another spat with VMware. The big ones are getting to be a yearly affair. That’s great for them: these little soap operas seem amusing, but underneath it all, there are some very serious issues being hashed out,” writes Trevor Pott over at The Register. Pott’s post has a lively comment thread, be sure to read through it.

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