Hear experts from Huawei, Ericsson, Mirantis, Cisco and more at OpenDev May 22-23, 2018 in Vancouver.


OpenDev  is an annual event focused at the intersection of composable open infrastructure and modern applications. The first edition centered  on edge computing while the 2018 collaborative two-day event focuses on continuous integration, deployment and delivery (CI/CD). This time it’s co-located with the OpenStack Summit, enabling Summit attendees to dive into the content, too.

Here we’re highlighting some of the sessions you’ll want to add to your schedule. Check out the whole program here and if you’re attending the OSF Summit you can add theses sessions here.

Deploy from CI/CD to production in one click

With complex deployment such as AT&T’s, it’s always a challenge to deploy artifacts frequently on production environments and to prevent human errors in case of manual deployments. In this intermediate session, Jerome Brette will talk about how his team has designed updates, upgrades and greenfields to be deployed with out any human intervention. The result bridges the gap between the development activities and deployment activities. Details here.

CI/CD build and pipelines for OpenStack at scale

Oath Inc. deploys a heavily customized version of OpenStack across many different regions and clusters. The company need a way to build each OpenStack component with its customizations into a self-contained package that’s deployable in data centers. They also required fine-grained control over deployments in order to swiftly deploy fixes/enhancements to single components in a single cluster with minimal downtime. Oath’s Ryan Bridges will talk about their journey and the solutions they’re using now in this intermediate session. Details here.

CI/CD in ETSI NFV environment

CI/CD and dev ops are common practices but require the automatic management of software components on live systems and the capability of sending feedback from live systems to developers. ETSI NFV defined a multi-layer MANO framework to manage the different layers of telecom services. OpenStack is a key enabler of dev ops in the NFV architecture, thanks to its capacity to dynamically manage workloads. There’s a push in the NFV community to introduce capabilities that allow  dev ops and CI/CD into this framework. In this beginner-level presentation, Nokia’s Gergely Csatari and Ixia Solutions Group Pierre Lynch will describe the challenges of introducing dev ops practices in the telecom environment and discuss planned solutions for these challenges. Details here.

We came together, now what?

As various initiatives across open source communities address the challenges to solve common problems, it’s clear that how well these components work together is increasingly critical. In this beginner-level session, Fatih Degirmenci of Ericsson, Melvin Hillsman Huawei and Robyn Bergeron of Red Hat will talk about how these efforts are shaping infrastructure, CI/CD, integration and testing as well as how communities can keep the conversation going. Details here.

Open CD for open infrastructure: Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments with Spinnaker

Spinnaker is an open source, multi-cloud continuous delivery platform built by Netflix, Google, Microsoft and others. At Netflix, Spinnaker powers over 4,000 deployments a day. In this talk, Spinnaker’s Andrew Phillips will introduce Spinnaker and how it enables continuous delivery automation from basic first steps through to advanced pipelines incorporating deployment safeguards, Canary analysis, out-of-the-box deployment strategies, sophisticated health checks, sharing Golden Path pipelines and more. The session will also cover muiti-cloud and Kubernetes support and talk about patterns for microservice delivery, before wrapping up with a quick tour of Spinnaker in action. Details here.

See you at OpenDev May 22-23, 2018!  Register here.

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