And now a word from OpenInfra’s General Manager, Thierry Carrez!


Hi there! I’m Thierry Carrez, the general manager of the OpenInfra Foundation. I’d like to share what makes me personally excited about the upcoming OpenInfra Summit in Vancouver, June 13-15.


My go-to talks usually include presentations on how to openly govern communities. I’m looking forward to JJ Asghar’s “Lessons Learned from Cultivating Open Source Projects and Communities” talk, as well as Armstrong Foundjem’s study on how large language and deep learning models can help prevent toxicity in communities. I’m also always interested in infrastructure scaling stories, so I will definitely attend LINE’s talk on their 6 years journey to 4 million cores!


While there are a lot of hot topics that will be covered, Confidential computing is at the top of my list. This keynote topic will showcase a demo of Kata Containers’ Confidential Computing abilities and there will also be a talk from Divya K Konoor and Jin Chen, as they discuss using Confidential Computing with OpenStack. Another hot topic is Data Sovereignty, which is a key concern in a lot of regions. That being said, I’ll definitely be attending Anja Strunk’s talk on Gaia-X. With all this talk about computing, I almost forgot to mention Sustainable computing. I’m very excited to learn what’s new in Nova power management and sustainability from Sylvain Bauza and René Ribaud. Lastly, we’ll cover how Artificial Intelligence drives infrastructure requirements, including a keynote explaining how NVIDIA uses OpenStack Swift internally.


The OpenInfra Summit holds so many opportunities. There will be great speaker keynotes (like WindRiver’s CTO Paul Miller talking about how StarlingX can help provide next-generation infrastructure), workshops (like Chris Bermudez teaching you how to automate OpenStack with Terraform), Forum discussions (like the open discussion to share stories operating infrastructure at large scale), and of course, our Projects Team Gathering where developers will get together to organize future work on OpenInfra projects.

If you are also interested in those topics, register to join me at the OpenInfra Summit in Vancouver!

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