This week: How-to guides, details about the Juno release, OpenStack commentary, and more.


There’s a lot going on in the OpenStack community and it’s easy to get lost in the noise. We’ve collected the top stories you need to to be reading this week. From the latest OpenStack resources to news about users, we share the content you need to stay up to date.

Five new how-to guides for mastering OpenStack

By: Jason Baker

From configuring your FirewallD to getting started with Docker, this round-up includes the latest guides for getting up to speed with OpenStack.

##[10 most powerful IaaS companies](
By: Christine Burns

OpenStack is named one of the organizations with the most influence in drawing enterprise customers to the public cloud.

##[What’s Next for OpenStack Is Ironic](
By: Sean Michael Kerner

Jonathan Bryce and Mark Collier of the OpenStack Foundation detail some of the developments for the Juno release, including “Ironic,” a technology for bare-metal automation.

##[Why OpenStack doesn’t need a vendor to lead it](
By: Suzanne Kattau

Several of the most important elements of OpenStack, and open source in general — interop, creativity, and innovation — could be hindered by any one vendor leading the market.

##[Large businesses lead the pack of OpenStack users and advocates](
By: CIOL Bureau

65% of first-time attendees at the Atlanta OpenStack Summit were employed by companies with 2,500 or more employees.

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