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2023 Superuser Awards Nominee: Workday

Meet Workday, one of the 10 nominees for the Superuser Awards in 2023.

on May 9, 2023

Open Source Hybrid Cloud in Production: Workday

Learn how Workday combines OpenStack with other open source projects in its hybrid cloud infrastructure.

on November 15, 2021

2020 Superuser Awards Nominee: Workday Private Cloud Team

Workday Private Cloud Team is one of eight nominees for the Superuser Awards to be presented at the 2020 Open Infrastructure Summit. Rate them by September 28.

on September 22, 2020

OpenStack delivers services to thousands of Workday customers

The human resources leader deploys private clouds in every data center, with virtual machines (VMs) and bare metal.

on October 12, 2017

Get an insider’s look into Workday’s OpenStack deployment and contributions

Edgar Magana, cloud operations architect at Workday and member of the OpenStack User Committee, talks about Workday's cloud ops and its team's contributions to OpenStack.

on April 26, 2016

Austin Superuser Awards finalist: Workday, Inc.

OpenStack enables Workday services to be tested at scale without increasing operational cost nor capital expenditure.

on April 1, 2016

Meet the 2023 Superuser Awards Nominees

Check out the highlights of the incredible 2023 Superuser Awards nominees that we have and vote for your favorite one!

on May 9, 2023

OpenInfra Summit Berlin, I love it!

Here’s a snapshot covering the three-day OpenInfra Summit Berlin with 800+ attendees, 100+ sessions, 23 sponsors and one global OpenInfra community.

on June 28, 2022

OpenInfra Community Gathers to Collaborate on Building the Next Decade of Open Infrastructure

OpenInfra Summit keynotes showcase solutions for cloud computing, 5G and edge computing, hardware enablement, security, data sovereignty, confidential computing, autonomous vehicles and more.

on June 7, 2022

What can you expect to learn about OpenStack at the OpenInfra Summit?

Your most pressing questions about the past, present, and future of the OpenStack project answered at the OpenInfra Summit.

on May 12, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About the OpenInfra Summit

The OpenInfra Summit is back in-person! Meet the users, developers, and vendors who are building and operating open infrastructure.

on April 20, 2022

Zuul Sessions Featured at OpenInfra Summit Berlin

Join the Zuul community in Berlin for the OpenInfra Summit, June 7-9!

on March 9, 2022

Large Scale OpenStack: Operators’ Tricks and Tools | OpenInfra Live Recap

This new episode of the “Large Scale OpenStack” show will discuss operators' tricks and tools.

on December 14, 2021

OpenInfra Live: Keynotes Highlight Energy, Momentum Across Open Infrastructure

The two-day event highlighted the latest innovation, trends, and production use cases from several global open source communities.

on December 7, 2021

OpenStack Xena Release | OpenInfra Live Recap

The latest episode of OpenInfra Live, the weekly show hosted by the OpenInfra Foundation, is now available on-demand.

on October 11, 2021

Experts Discuss Tradeoffs, Frequency, and more around Upgrades of Large Scale OpenStack Deployments | OpenInfra Live Recap

The ninth episode of OpenInfra Live, the weekly show hosted by the OpenInfra Foundation, is now available on-demand

on June 10, 2021

Inside Open Infrastructure: The Latest from the OpenInfra Foundation

StarlingX 5.0, OpenInfra Live episodes, projects updates and more

on June 7, 2021

OpenInfra Leadership Tackles Questions Live | OpenInfra Live Recap

The eighth episode of OpenInfra Live, the weekly show hosted by the OpenInfra Foundation, is streaming live every Thursday!

on June 4, 2021

Upgrades in Large Scale OpenStack Infrastructure | OpenInfra Live Recap

This week’s OpenInfra Live episode is brought to you by the experts from the OpenStack community, discussing their stories of upgrading in large scale OpenStack infrastructure.

on May 21, 2021

Open Edge Infrastructure Conundrums and Solutions | OpenInfra Live Recap

This week’s OpenInfra Live episode is brought to you by the OpenInfra Edge Computing Group and the StarlingX community

on May 13, 2021

2020 Annual Report: OpenInfra Event Highlights

OpenInfra in 2020: Take a look at some of the event highlights from the Annual Report for 2020, brought to you by the Open Infrastructure (OpenInfra) Foundation.

on February 15, 2021

Virtual Open Infrastructure Summit Recap

Here’s a snapshot covering five days, over 100 sessions, two software releases, and a Foundation announcement backed by over 60 organizations.

on October 28, 2020

#OpenInfraSummit Track: Private & Hybrid Cloud

We are featuring one of the seven Summit tracks—Private & Hybrid Cloud. Get your Summit tickets for free and add these sessions to your Summit calendar!

on October 14, 2020

Inside Open Infrastructure: The latest from the OpenStack Foundation

Open Infrastructure Summit schedule, project update and more

on September 24, 2020

Meet the 2020 Superuser Awards nominees

Learn more about the eight nominees and rate them by September 28.

on September 22, 2020

Open Infrastructure Summit 2020 Schedule is Now Live!

October event features keynotes from major users and more than 100 sessions for developers and users of open source technology

on September 9, 2020

Women of Open Infrastructure: Meet Melanie from the OpenStack Nova Project

"Communities are mostly about people, not only code, so there is an element of match-making personalities and styles involved."

on April 20, 2020

Running an OpenStack cloud? Check out the next Operators Meetup

The next gathering, taking place in September 3-4 in New York City, is a chance for operators to share best practices and war stories.

on July 16, 2019

Tips for applying for the Superuser Award

How to make your application for the Superuser Awards stand out. Deadline for applications for the Denver Summit is March 22.

on February 12, 2019

OpenStack Summit Berlin recap: 51 things you need to know

From new users to product launches, updates and case studies, the OpenStack Summit Berlin covered a lot of ground. Here’s a news roundup from the Summit.

on November 19, 2018

Inside private and hybrid cloud: Must-see sessions at the Berlin Summit

Hear from experts at CERN, Oath, Red Hat, Workday and more.

on November 1, 2018

A close-up on the Queens release

Some common questions answered about the 17th edition of OpenStack.

on February 28, 2018

What you’re doing with OpenStack: Top user stories

Here are some of our favorite user stories from 2017 -- we want to tell yours, too.

on January 2, 2018

A year in containers: tutorials and user stories

It's been a busy year in the container world - here are some of Superuser's top stories and tutorials.

on December 28, 2017

OpenStack Summit Sydney recap: 50 things you need to know

From new users to product launches, updates and demos, the OpenStack Summit Sydney was a race to the finish line. Here’s a news roundup from the Summit.

on November 16, 2017

How to build OpenStack on Kubernetes

How Workday uses Kubernetes to achieve zero downtime for large-scale production software-as-a-service.

on November 8, 2017

Come meet the users changing the world with OpenStack

If it’s changing the world it’s probably powered by OpenStack -- and many of those users will be at the Sydney Summit says Mark Collier.

on October 30, 2017

OpenStack under the radar

Three important things you missed in 2016 that will shape the coming year.

on December 30, 2016

What’s in the cards for OpenStack

Three community members talk bigger, badder startups, fewer "experimental" deployments and more.

on May 25, 2016

Funneling operator feedback to the OpenStack developer community

Edgar Magana, cloud operations architect at Workday, explains how operators can give feedback to the community, why it's important and how to get started.

on April 26, 2016

Make data center diversity work for you with OpenStack

News flash: Bimodal IT doesn't have to be a nightmare. Also, AT&T grabs the Superuser award and a vodka-drinking bear took the stage on day one of the keynotes.

on April 25, 2016

Top four user talks at the OpenStack Austin Summit

Unsure which talks to pick at the upcoming conference? We've got you covered.

on April 23, 2016

Austin Superuser Awards: your vote counts

Vote for one of the four finalists: AT&T, Betfair, DreamHost, Workday Inc. The winner will be announced at the Austin Summit.

on April 1, 2016

Smoothing over common OpenStack pain points for operators

Attendees at the first European Operator’s Meetup talked pet peeves - and shared resources for fixing them.

on February 17, 2016

Visa Inc. turns to OpenStack to boost developer productivity

For best results, treat OpenStack like any software development project says Stan Chan, chief architect.

on February 2, 2016

OpenStack operators connecting together

To make meetups more productive and useful, Edgar Magana at Workday proposes smaller, operator-focused gatherings.

on December 16, 2015

Takeaways from OpenStack’s Mid-Cycle Ops Meetup, Liberty edition

Hypervisors, logging and upgrades, oh my! Chris Hoge of the OpenStack Foundation fills you in on the get-together.

on August 21, 2015

Revamping Ceilometer, Federated Identity for research and why OpenStack is doomed

OpenStack Summit Vancouver attendees had plenty to say about what they are taking away from the recent five-day conference...

on May 23, 2015

How to introduce OpenStack in your organization

There's no perfect path to adopting OpenStack in your company, but here are some principles that can guide you towards successfully introducing the software.

on November 14, 2014

Report from the Mid-Cycle Meetup for Operators

Why the mid-cycle meetup is a trend to watch in the evolution of software development in the cloud era.

on September 24, 2014