If it’s changing the world it’s probably powered by OpenStack — and many of those users will be at the Sydney Summit says Mark Collier.


At last count, there are over 400 things to get excited about at next week’s OpenStack Sydney Summit. You’ll want to plan for a full three days, from hands-on workshops to meeting the developers who are building the open infrastructure tools powering the transformation of companies all over the planet.

But for me, nothing compares to meeting the users themselves. The people building not just data centers but railroads that span thousands of miles and serve billions of people, payment services that process trillions of yuan, streaming TV services helping users cut the cord…

You name it, if it’s changing the world it’s probably powered by OpenStack!

To save y’all a little time, we’ve pulled together this handy list of users speaking with links to their talks:

Find one you like? Download the Summit schedule app (iOS, Google) and start building your personal schedule!

I’m off to catch a plane to meet some users in Sydney.

Mark Collier, chief operating officer at the OpenStack Foundation, can be found on Twitter at @sparkycolliereven in the friendly skies.

Cover Photo // CC BY NC