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Spotlight On: The OpenInfra Summit Keynotes

If you didn’t attend—or if you did and want a replay—Superuser collected the announcements, user stories and Forum discussions you may have missed!

OpenInfra Foundation News

Airship: Elevate your infrastructure

  • Running or evaluating Airship? We want to hear from you! Take the brief User Survey to provide the community with feedback.

Kata Containers: The speed of containers, the security of VMs

  • Kata Containers 3.1.3 is here! In addition to improvements made on shim backup & restore features, the 3.1.3 release comes with a fix for guest images that is ready for production use. Check out the GitHub changelog for more information.
  • Foundational Kata Containers contributors Peng Tao & Xu Wang delivered a riveting keynote presentation during OpenInfra Summit – check it out on the official OpenInfra Youtube
  • There were a number of Kata Containers presentations delivered during the OpenInfra Summit, with topics ranging from zero-trust architecture to projections on Kata Containers 4.0. Check out the official OpenInfra Summit Vancouver playlist to find something interesting.
  • The call for proposals for Ubuntu Summit happening November 3-5 in Riga, Latvia is closing soon. Get your abstracts in by July 21, 2023, if you’d like to present on Kata to an amazing audience of developers, engineers, & community leaders
  • How are you using Kata Containers? Let us know what you’ve been doing with Kata Containers 3.0 by filling out the newly refreshed User Survey.

OpenDev Collaboratory: Free Software Needs Free Tools

  • OpenDev Collaboratory services are maintained by community members like you and me. If you’re interested in helping ensure this effort’s continued success, please reach out to the OpenDev Sysadmins to learn more.

OpenStack: Open source software for creating private and public clouds

  • OpenStack is turning 13! Get on social media and share some of your favorite #OpenStack memories over the last 13 years!
  • We are into milestone 2 of development for the Bobcat release. Most teams have decided on the features that will be making it in for the release and head down on development and bug fixing.
  • The OpenStack community is seeking consensus to reshape the future of its Git branches, deciding on new processes and policies for how long to keep them and what changes they might contain. If you have an opinion or, more importantly, want to help with their maintenance, get involved in the discussion.
  • Interested in learning about what the Outreachy Interns have been working on in OpenStackland? Check out their blogs! [1] [2]

StarlingX: A fully featured cloud for the distributed edge

  • The StarlingX community participated in the recent OpenInfra Summit & PTG in Vancouver, BC. If you missed the event or would like to refresh your memories, check out the recap post on the StarlingX blog!
  • If you’re evaluating or using StarlingX, please take a few minutes to fill out the User Survey and provide feedback to the community!

Zuul: Stop merging broken code

  • Security alert! Zuul 8.3.1 disables user namespaces in executor workspace containers when used with newer releases of bubblewrap supporting that option. This helps protect the executor from untrusted workloads which may try to exploit Linux kernel vulnerabilities that rely on such access.
  • Zuul 8.3.0 adds new require and reject filters for Gerrit and GitHub pipeline triggers, improvements to slots for concurrent job processing with static and metastatic drivers, theme selection preferences for its web dashboard, and a trendy new “dark mode” that’s easy on the eyes.

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