It’s been a busy year in the container world – here are some of Superuser’s top stories and tutorials.


It’s been a busy year in the cloud universe and containers have been one of the buzz words deserving of the term.

One quote to sum it up? “OpenStack and containers will move beyond proof of concept to deploying solutions that solve real-world business problems, providing a comprehensive strategy that allows enterprises and operators to bring new services that are secure, efficient, elastic, and scalable,” says Anand Krishnan of Canonical.

Here are some of Superuser’s top stories and tutorials.

User stories

How a small team keeps Twitter’s Fail Whale at bay

Hundreds of teams running thousands of services on tens of thousands of hosts and in hundreds of thousands of containers are kept afloat by about 10 engineers, says Ian Downes, head of Twitter’s compute team.

Containers on the CERN Cloud

Hints and tips from the CERN OpenStack cloud team

Making containers work in a siloed company: the athenahealth story

Growing healthy container ops in a siloed company isn’t easy — but they are in fine form at athenahealth. Superuser TV talked to Ryan Wallner and Kevin Scheunemann, both on the technical staff of athenahealth, on how they got there.

Containers are easy, running them in production is something else

“Running containers in production requires something more sophisticated,” says David Aronchick, manager at Google Container Engine.

Pinterest’s journey from virtual machines to containers

“We were on the cloud since day one,” says Michael Benedict. “VMs served their purpose but we’re moving everything to Kubernetes.”

What makes OpenStack relevant in a container-driven world

Containers align nicely with OpenStack, providing infrastructure, allowing them to share networking and storage with other types of computer resources in rich environments, says Thierry Carrez.

Why commercial open source is like a voyage to mars: The Kubernetes story

Craig McLuckie and Sarah Novotny on how to navigate a trip to this harsh, beautiful place.


Getting started with Kolla

Try out OpenStack Kolla’s production-ready containers with this tutorial by cloud engineer Saverio Proto with the first of this two-part tutorial.

How to: Docker containerized OpenStack Heat Translator

Sahdev P. Zala and Eduardo Patrocinio from IBM show us how they created a Docker container using Heat-Translator.

How to containerize GPU applications

Nvidia’s Rohit Taneja offers this tutorial.

Deploy Kubernetes on Openstack with Ansible

Increasing demand for container orchestration tools is coming from our users. Kubernetes has currently a lot of hype, and often it comes the question if we are providing a Kubernetes cluster at SWITCH, the foundation that operates the Swiss academic network.

Deploy Kubernetes on Openstack with Ansible

Saverio Proto of SWITCH offers up this tutorial.

Kubernetes on OpenStack: Digging into technical details

Bitnami’s Angus Lees offers up a recommended deployment and advice about future developments.

How to build OpenStack on Kubernetes

How Workday uses Kubernetes to achieve zero downtime for large-scale production software-as-a-service.

How to deploy mariadb on Kubernetes with TripleO

Flavio Percoco offers this screencast to take you the last mile with Kubernetes.

Manage a multi-node Kubernetes deployment on a bare-metal cluster

This 12-minute demo shows you how to use OpenStack Ironic to manage a multi-node Kubernetes deployment on a bare-metal cluster.

How Kubernetes on OpenStack powers DreamHost’s new web builder

Don’t call this a regular jam: Remixer is a click-to-edit website builder that blends Kubernetes and microservices.