Check out these highlighted talks from the OpenInfra Summit.


At this year’s OpenInfra Summit in Vancouver, there were many sessions regarding CI/CD, with the topic geared towards Zuul. Now check out these highlighted talks from the OpenInfra Summit!

With gitops blurring the line between development and operation, how can operational changes to systems be tested as robustly as code? The DevOps folks who ran the OpenDev collaboratory maintained a number of services that could be found in any enterprise setting. Their goal was to provide the software development infrastructure for a number of large Open Infrastructure projects and they did that using Containers, Ansible and Zuul. James Blair, CEO of ACME Gating, discusses how their infrastructure was completely public, and anyone could propose changes to it. Every time someone proposed a change, Zuul used Ansible to create a complete copy of the infrastructure being changed and ran tests against it. He called the process “Project Gating,” and it gave them the confidence to merge changes directly into our production systems. This presentation showed how they approached the problem of testing complete systems and discussed options for doing the same in your environment.

Workday has talked about how they run their own instance of Gerrit and Zuul—the amazing CI system that powered the development of the OpenStack project. Instead of validating the OpenStack code, they validated their own projects, from small in-house services to their very own massive multi-data center deployment code.

Listen to James Blair, talk about learning a new tool for end-to-end testing of container-based applications. From GitHub pull requests to a full deployment in Kubernetes, Cogate built and deployed your app just like in production. Cogate supported cross-project dependencies, gating, and previewing your Kubernetes deployment with autoholds.

Kristin Barrientos