The two-day event highlighted the latest innovation, trends, and production use cases from several global open source communities.


The Open Infrastructure Foundation held its first OpenInfra Live: Keynotes last month. The two-day virtual event featured presentations by more than 30 leaders from the global OpenInfra community streaming live on YouTube, LinkedIn and Facebook. Keynote topics covered a broad range of OpenInfra use cases, and projects like OpenStack and Kubernetes took center stage.

We’ve compiled a summary of the dynamic and engaging presentations given during the OpenInfraLive: Keynotes event. Check ‘em out, and dive into the full event recordings here.

One Year into a Decade Long OpenInfra Mission
Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director, and Mark Collier, COO, OpenInfra Foundation

Our community has achieved several amazing milestones since the Open Infrastructure Foundation was launched in January. Just a few of which are:

  • 25% increase in OpenInfra Foundation membership
  • Microsoft joined as a Platinum Member and Nipa Cloud joined as a Gold Member
  • All projects had major releases during the pandemic (thank you to contributors!)
  • 66% growth in OpenStack cores in production, from 15 million to 25 million cores
  • Now over 180 data centers for public clouds are powered by OpenStack

Collier and Bryce also talked about the emergence of an OpenInfra Standard. LOKI—Linux OpenStack Kubernetes Infrastructure—highlights the trend of organizations integrating three of the top four most active open source projects together in production.

The Role and Impact of Decentralization: Balaji Srinivasan, Entrepreneur, Crypto Expert, Former Partner at a16z and CTO of Coinbase

Srinivasan talked about the need to decentralize at the infrastructure layer, which removes the “trust factor” requirement of the operator because the entire backend is not only open source, but also open state and open execution.

Building a Successful Open Source Community: Aeva Black, Azure Office of the CTO, Microsoft

As a true champion of the open source movement, Black shared their perspective on The Four Opens, the value they bring, and the responsibility of the community that upholds them to be mentors for the next wave of new members.

Benefits & Impacts of Open Source Licensing: Allison Randal with Stefano Maffulli, Executive Director, Open Source Initiative (OSI) and Tom Callaway, Principal Open Source Evangelist, AWS

Simplicity of adoption and mitigation of risk are a couple of benefits of open source licensing. These open source advocates take a look at licensing from the end user/contributor perspective and discuss the impact on users and organizations when open source is changed to a proprietary license.

Why Organizations Should Contribute to Open Source: Sarah Novotny, Director of Open Source Strategy & Ecosystem, Microsoft

Novotny details the key patterns for success when companies engage in open source communities, as well as trends we should watch for over the next decade of open source.

The Hybrid Cloud Foundation: Sean Cohen, Director of Product Management, Hybrid Platforms, Red Hat

Cohen dives into the emerging 5G landscape and its impact on creating a more open ecosystem, particularly in the telco industry. Thank you to Red Hat for being a headline sponsor of the event!

Introducing Taibai, the Newest Addition to OpenInfra Labs: Haoyang Li, China Community Manager, OpenInfra Foundation with Hao Wang, Cloud Architect and Manager of System Department at Fiberhome

Learn all about the recently released project, Taibai, contributed by Fiberhome to OpenInfra Labs under an open source license.

Celebrating 30 Years of Linux: The Open Source Operating System Standard: Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, Linux Foundation

The Linux operating system was started in a dorm room in Helsinki, Finland, and today powers the vast majority of the world’s technology systems. Citing this herald of the open source movement, Jim expresses that open source has become the most important part of the world’s technology supply chain, giving us hope that generosity works and that sharing and competing can happen at the same time.

Understanding the OpenStack Momentum in Thailand: Jimmy McArthur with Dr. Abhisak Chulya, CEO of Nipa Cloud

Meet Dr. Chulya who represents the first locally owned Thai public cloud, Nipa Cloud, a new Gold Member of the OpenInfra Foundation. Nipa Cloud is looking forward to building the OpenStack community in Thailand while helping companies reduce costs by migrating to public cloud.

Explosive OpenStack Growth: Why Workday Doubled Their Private Cloud Footprint in a Year: Allison Price with Imtiaz Chowdhury, Software Engineer, Workday

Chowdhury covers Workday’s journey from bare metal to virtualized workloads, which has transformed how they deploy workloads. Workday has doubled their OpenStack infrastructure since 2020, deploying in 5 geographical locations across the US and EU, and they’ve built a CI/CD pipeline that deploys on OpenStack.

State of OpenInfra: Thierry Carrez, VP of Engineering, OpenInfra Foundation

Hear updates on the state of open infrastructure and how our scope expanded from building open source who write software that runs in production to getting infrastructure powered by open source software everywhere.

A Little About OpenSearch: Kyle Davis, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

Listen to Kyle describe a typical use case of testing and building software with AWS.

State of OpenInfra in China: Haoyang Li

As more developers contribute to OpenInfra projects, China has become the second most active country for the OpenInfra community. Haoyang shares what open infrastructure landscape looks like in China.

Diving into the Cost of Cloud, A Trillion Dollar Paradox: Martin Casado, Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

Hear these cloud leaders discuss how the cloud is impacting the economics of cloud-native companies.

Hybrid Cloud in Production: Trendyol: Allison Price with Meltem Kocabas, Product Manager, Trendyol

With compute resources of over 100,000 cores, over 1,500 hypervisors, and more than 5 petabytes of storage being run from 4 different data centers (3 physical, 1 on iCloud), Meltem shares what clouds they are leveraging at Trendyol and why they chose OpenStack.

Zuul in Hybrid Environments: James Blair, Founder, ACME Gating
What is Zuul and how does it help with a hybrid cloud initiative? Blair discusses this along with Zuul’s code review capabilities.

Kata Containers in Production: Ant Group: Sunny Cai with Tao Peng, Staff Engineer, Member of Kata Containers Architecture Committee, Ant Group

Removing jitters and isolating other containers and OS has been a primary objective for Ant Group, which has 10,000 nodes of Kubernetes running Kata in production. Tune in to hear Sunny and Tao discuss that initiative.

Connecting Africa to the Internet: How BRCK is running Magma in production: Allison Price with Reg Orton, CTO, BRCK

Edge is important, as explained by Orton with BRCK who is working in Africa and the Philippines to bring affordable resources to education, healthcare, and more. They’re deploying in the field and sharing information back to the Magma community.

Deploying vRAN and OpenRAN with StarlingX: Ildiko Vancsa, Senior Manager of Community and Ecosystem, OpenInfra Foundation with Andy Dunkin, OpenRAN RF & Digital Platform Development Manager, Vodafone, Muhammad Gil , VP, Industry Solutions, Wind River and John McCready, Director of Product Management, RAN and Private Mobility Solutions, Dell Technologies

StarlingX is a scalable and flexible open source platform that can be integrated into telecom environments that need to follow standards to provide stable and highly available service to consumers. This panel highlighted how the community-driven innovation for Radio Access Networks powered by StarlingX is an opportunity for telecoms like Vodafone. Thank you to Wind River for being a headline sponsor of the event!

China Mobile’s Strategy on Next Generation Network and Open Source: Duan Xiaodong, VP of Research from China Mobile Research Institute

Nine out of the top 10 telecoms in the world are running OpenStack, and China Mobile is the largest. They run 6 million cores and LOKI across network cloud, public cloud, and IT cloud—all on OpenStack. Hear Duan discuss how the combination of connection, computing force, and capability is opening up a new era of Open Infrastructure.

Tackling Sustainability with Eco-friendly, Green Hardware: Peter Pouliot, Ampere Computing; Laurent Bernou-Mazars, Exalon; Zac Smith, Equinix; John Miranda, Intel

This panel discussion centers around how movements like OCP help us come together to drive change, addressing the rise of regulatory and investor pressure.

Thank you to all of our event sponsors who made the OpenInfra Live: Keynotes possible!

  • Headline: Red Hat, Wind River
  • Supporting: Cloud&Heat, Component Soft, Coredge, InMotion Hosting, iVolve and VEXXHOST

The event wrapped with an exciting announcement that was shared in a quotable video featuring Nils Magnus, a community member from T-Systems. While the community has done incredible work virtually though the pandemic, the OpenInfra Summit is returning in person in June 2022!

Mark your calendars for June 7-9, 2022 to join the OpenInfra community in Berlin! Registration and sponsorship opportunities are now available – hurry, before it all sells out!