Common release goals for the next cycle, getting started with Airship and upcoming events where you’ll find the OSF.


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OpenStack Foundation news

  • Last week, we published the OpenStack Foundation 2018 Annual Report report highlighting the incredible work and advancements achieved by the community. Read the latest on project updates, community initiatives, OSF events updates and more.
  • The Open Infrastructure Summit + PTG Denver, April 29-May 3, is fast approaching; registration is open and the schedule is expected to launch next week. In the meantime, nominations are open for two awards which will be handed out at the Summit: The Community Contributor Awards recognize community members who are making a big impact. Nominate community members, especially those who aren’t in the most visible roles, who do the dirty jobs, who step up to drive work or lend a helping hand. We’re also want to recognize new community members working hard from day one. Nominations close April 14th at 7:00 UTC.
    The Superuser Awards nominations are also open. If you know a team innovating with open infrastructure while contributing back to open source communities, nominate them by March 22.

OpenStack Foundation project news


  • Every cycle, common release goals are defined for the OpenStack community. The discussion is underway to define goals for the next cycle, with three potential candidates: Project clean-up, moving legacy clients to python-openstackclient and healthcheck middleware.
  • The election process to renew half of the Technical Committee seats has just started. You have until February 19 to nominate yourself. Learn more about the role of the TC.
  • Registration is open for the OpenStack Ops meetup in Berlin, March 6-7, 2019, a community-driven, collaborative event for people running OpenStack infrastructure.


Kata Containers

  • The Kata Containers Architecture Committee elections are now open. The Architecture Committee (AC) serves as the project’s leadership body that’s responsible for technical decisions. The AC is comprised of five members, who are elected by contributors. The AC elections take place every six months, in February (two seats available) and in September (three seats available). Between now and February 17 the window is open for community members to declare their candidacy. Between February 18-24 the candidates will enter a debate period where the community can ask candidates questions about their platform on the kata-dev mailing list. Voting is open between February 25 – March 3. Contributors (defined as anyone who has code merged in the Kata Containers project in the last 12 months) are eligible to vote using the CIVS condorcet voting method. Election results will be published on March 4. Full details about the election process are available here.
  • The Kata Containers community activity metrics are now being tracked using the Bitergia analytics monitoring platform. It currently tracks Git data, GitHub activity, and mailing-list activity. View the Kata community metrics dashboard here.


  • The community is working on improving and restructuring the materials currently available on their documentation website to make it easier to find information as well as to better support new users and contributors.
  • StarlingX is already set up in one of the OPNFV Pharos labs and the communities are working on further collaboration on testing StarlingX as part of a full-stack environment.


OSF supported events

  • 42,000 people talking cybersecurity – from Bruce Schneier to Tina Fey – are heading to the RSA Conference 2019 March 4 – 8 in San Francisco. From the latest trends to best practices, RSAC 2019 is your one-stop-shop for cybersecurity intel.
  • The OpenStack Foundation is also attending the Open Compute Summit, March 14-15 in San Jose, as well as Service Mesh Day March 28-29 in Seattle. Around the world, you’ll also find OpenStack and OpenInfra Days hosted by local communities on the OSF events page.

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