Are you making a difference with open infrastructure? Nominate your team before September 27.


Nominations are open for Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai Superuser Awards. The deadline is September 27.

All nominees will be reviewed by the community and the Superuser editorial advisors will determine the winner that will be announced onstage at the Summit in early November.

Open infrastructure provides resources to developers and users by integrating various open source solutions. The benefits are obvious, whether that infrastructure is in a private or a public context: the absence of lock-in, the power of interoperability opening up new possibilities, the ability to look under the hood, tinker with, improve the software and contribute back your changes.

The Superuser Awards recognize teams using open infrastructure to meaningfully improve business and differentiate in a competitive industry, while also contributing back to the open-source community.  They aim to cover the same mix of open technologies as our publication, namely OpenStack, Kubernetes, Kata Containers, Airship, StarlingX, Ceph, Cloud Foundry, OVS, OpenContrail, Open Switch, OPNFV and more.

Teams of all sizes are encouraged to apply. If you fit the bill, or know a team that does, we encourage you to submit a nomination here.

After the community has reviewed all nominees, the Superuser editorial advisors will select the winner.

When evaluating winners for the Superuser Award, judges take into account the unique nature of use case(s), as well as integrations and applications by a particular team. Questions include how is this team innovating with open infrastructure, for example working with container technology, NFV or unique workloads.

Additional selection criteria includes how the workload has transformed the company’s business, including quantitative and qualitative results of performance as well as community impact in terms of code contributions, feedback and knowledge sharing.

Winners will take the stage at the Open Infrastructure Summit in Shanghai. Submissions are open now until September 27, 2019. You’re invited to nominate your team or someone you’ve worked with, too.

Launched at the Paris Summit in 2014, the community has continued to award winners at every Summit to users who show how open infrastructure is making a difference and provide strategic value in their organization. Past winners include  AT&T, CERN, City Network, Comcast, NTT GroupTencent TStack, and VEXXHOST.

For more information about the Superuser Awards, please visit