The latest on VEXXHOST, who manages over 100,000 cores across public and private clouds powered by OpenStack.


VEXXHOST continues to embody what a Superuser is—its team continues to contribute upstream, participate on the OpenStack Technical Committee, and grow its footprint of open source projects like OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Zuul. It’s only been a year since its team won a Superuser award (after a record three times being nominated!), but their commitment continues to impress the community with its growth.

What has changed in your OpenStack environment since you won the Superuser Awards?

Since winning the Superuser Award, we’ve upgraded to newer OpenStack releases, increased footprint in data centers all around the world and increased number of managed private clouds, both hosted and on-premise. We’ve also helped more organizations get OpenStack in their environments as well as helped other organizations upgrade their environments.

What is the current size of VEXXHOST’s OpenStack environment?

We have a public cloud spanning over two regions, as well as numerous private clouds that we’ve deployed and managed all over the world. Overall, we can say that we’ve started managing an aggregate of over 100,000 cores.

What version of OpenStack is VEXXHOST running?

OpenStack Train

What open source technologies does your team integrate with OpenStack?

It’s not a secret that we’re huge open source advocates. A lot of the components of our infrastructure and the tools that we use are open sourced.

We deploy:

  • OpenStack using Ansible and Kubernetes
  • Ceph for storage
  • Zuul for CI
  • Prometheus and AlertManager for monitoring.

We also offer Kubernetes solutions and integrate those using OpenStack Magnum and Kuryr.

What workloads are you running on OpenStack?

We run a public cloud, as well as multiple private clouds, which are used by clients who run all sorts of workloads.

How is your team currently contributing back to the OpenStack project? Is your team contributing to any other projects supported by the OpenStack Foundation (Airship, Kata Containers, StarlingX, Zuul)?

We’re excited to say that we do give back to the community! We contribute upstream whenever possible. We do so for OpenStack as well as other projects like OpenStack-Ansible and Zuul. Additionally, many of our team members are cores in different projects. We also contribute back in resources. We’re infrastructure donors to the OpenStack Foundation as well as being supporters of Kata Containers.

What kind of challenges has your team overcome using OpenStack?

OpenStack has allowed us to offer a complete solution with an exhaustive list of services to accommodate clients in so many different industries. With OpenStack being around for so long, we’ve seen it morph, and continue to change and adjust, to be an answer to the needs of companies at different scales, with different requirements, in this ever-changing industry.

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