Got gadgets? Bring them to Berlin or hack the devices available during the free, two-day event.


It’s time to bring your favorite tech toys and start hacking on the edge. The next OpenStack Hackathon takes place on Saturday and Sunday November 10-11 ahead of the Berlin Summit.

The event, free to participants, is hosted by Open Telekom Cloud at their accelerator co-working space Hub:raum in the heart of the German capital.

The theme for this one is about exploring distributed infrastructure, so participants are advised to “get out your toys and apply this idea to a sample cloud with Raspberry Pis, edge routers, system-on-a-chip board designs and other gadgets” that you like. If you can’t pack your favorite devices, organizers will also have some on hand. Mentors will also be available to help getting you up to speed with the systems and technology. If you’re an OpenStack pro, check out the event page for info on how to volunteer and help out.

For team members of all roles–– app developers, devops, UX, sysadmin, or network engineers––hackathons are a great way to learn quickly in a fun and competitive environment. There will be prizes for the best technical solution, the most complete project, the most inclusive approach, the most clever design and more.

OpenStack Hackathons offer participants a chance to learn more about developing applications for OpenStack clouds from experts and put their skills to use by building applications. They launched in 2016 designed as a fast and furious weekend of work that also rewards the best projects with fantastic prizes.

New to hackathons? Check out this post about how to survive and thrive over the weekend.

Sign up for the event here.