Victor Diaz chats with David Flanders on his experience planning a hackathon and how to get yours up and running.


The OpenStack AppDev Hackathons are fun, interactive events organized by local OpenStack user groups.

Hackathon participants can learn more about developing applications for OpenStack clouds from experts and put their skills to use by building applications with their peers. The most recent Hackathon, which took place in Guadalajara, Mexico from September 9-11, 2016, served as a medium for Stackers in Latin America to gather and actively participate in the global OpenStack community. The winners took the keynote stage in Barcelona to show off their handiwork, a healthcare app.

Victor Diaz, engineering manager from Intel and an organizer of the Guadalajara event, spoke to David Flanders of the OpenStack Foundation about the OpenStack Hackathon. Diaz describes some of the highlights of running a Hackathon, including how his community rallied to pull off the frenetic weekend and explains how potential coordinators can organize a Hackathon in their own backyard.

For more information on upcoming editions and how you can host one, check out the Hackathon Event page.