Find out how OpenStack has transformed NHN Cloud and see how they are using it in their newly launched private cloud solution, NHN Private Deck.


NHN Cloud is one of the leading service providers in Korea, known for its expertise in managing IT services across different fields. Find out how OpenStack has transformed NHN Cloud and see how they are using it in their newly launched private cloud solution, NHN Private Deck.

How has OpenStack transformed your organization? 

NHN Private Deck is an integrated appliance with everything needed for an OpenStack cloud, packaged in a rack, to provide a fast and optimized cloud environment. 

OpenStack freed us from the constraints of physical infrastructure, allowing us to reliably scale up and down resources such as servers, networking, and storage, which meant we could use our virtualized resources more efficiently and save money. 

By combining different OpenStack components, we could build the features our clients want into the cloud environment. 

NHN Private Deck takes advantage of compatibility between various cloud services and OpenStack APIs to deliver a multi-cloud environment. The solution also provides a cloud management platform to control the multi-cloud environment, which allows users to manage resources and functions through a unified console.

What workloads are you running on OpenStack?

NHN Private Deck offers a cloud platform in Large, Standard, and Small models, with different workloads running on OpenStack depending on the model. 

For the Large model, workloads for large-scale projects that require at least 500 compute nodes are running. For example, data-intensive workloads such as large data analysis run in the model.

The Small model runs workloads related to small research or public sector projects, and application prototype development that generally requires fewer than 10 compute nodes.

The Standard model offers the highest reliability and runs workloads for applications in the market.

What is the scale of your OpenStack environment? 

Based on the Standard Model of NHN Private Deck, it consists of five compute nodes, four controller nodes, NAS, block storage, firewall, and switch in one rack, and the specifications are as follows:

CPUs: 240 vCPU (1:1 overcommit ratio) – Memory: 250 GB – Storage: 10TB or more.

What other open source technologies are integrated with your OpenStack environment? 

NHN Private Deck can integrate cloud platforms with a variety of open source technologies. 

These include Prometheus, Grafana, Kubernetes, Kibana, and many other popular tools and platforms. 

They can be used to make container platforms more powerful and easier to use. NHN Private Deck also delivers installation and operation for clients to make the most of these technologies.

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Kristin Barrientos