Here’s the first edition of the bi-weekly newsletter on open infrastructure newsletter with highlights from the Berlin Summit and project updates.


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The Berlin Summit is a wrap!
The open infrastructure community gathered in Berlin recently to share their stories and collaborate. Superuser collected over 50 things you need to know to get caught up from the Summit!

  • Over 300 session videos are now available here.
  • We kicked off a community effort to document the Four Opens. Learn about the philosophy that drives our OpenStack Foundation community and contribute your knowledge and experience!
  • Save the date and register for the Open Infrastructure Summit + Project Teams Gathering in Denver, Colorado, the week of April 29, 2019.

OpenStack project news
OpenStack is an open-source integration engine that provides APIs to orchestrate bare metal, virtual machines and container resources on a single network.

  • Hear a 5-minute technical update on OpenStack from Berlin, plus case studies from Oerlikon ManMade Fibers, Volkswagen, OVH and more.
  • Read the Vision for OpenStack clouds, a living document created by the OpenStack Technical Committee to capture the OpenStack community’s vision for the output of the OpenStack project as a whole as it evolves.
  • Subscribe to the new openstack-discuss mailing list, created to simplify discussions around the OpenStack project and unify the legacy collection of lists devoted developers, operators and special interest groups (SIGs).
  • Rico Lin has proposed the creation of a new Autoscaling SIG. This group will coordinate activities and docs across a number of OpenStack components involved in autoscaling, like Heat, Senlin and Monasca.

Over the last year, the OpenStack Foundation has expanded the markets for open infrastructure (hybrid cloud, container infrastructure, edge computing, CI/CD and artificial intelligence & machine learning) and introduced four new pilot projects. Updates on each of these projects and how you can get involved are provided below.

Airship is a collection of loosely coupled but interoperable open source tools that declaratively automate cloud provisioning, embracing containers as the unit of infrastructure delivery at scale.

Kata Containers
Kata Containers are extremely lightweight virtual machines that feel and perform like containers, but provide the workload isolation and security advantages of VMs.

StarlingX is a fully featured cloud for the distributed edge, building on existing services such as Ceph, OpenStack and Kubernetes and complementing them with new services like configuration and fault management with focus on high availability (HA), quality of service (QoS), performance and low latency.

  • Watch the 5-minute keynote overview and read the project overview.
  • The team is actively working on containerization and a strategy to move to the master branch of OpenStack for the related services and work with the community on enhancements to further support edge and IoT use cases.
  • The community is planning a contributor meetup for January 15-16, 2019.
  • Learn more about the software and get involved at

Zuul is a Git-driven CI system born out of the OpenStack community that integrates code reviews and automated testing. It’s built for a world where development, testing, and deployment of applications and their dependencies are one continuous process.

  • Watch the five-minute keynote overview, then check out the BMW keynote to see how they use Zuul for their development workflow.
  • The latest release of Zuul now has support for Kubernetes-based nodepool resources.
  • If you recently updated to Zuul 3.3.0, be sure to upgrade to the latest Zuul security release, version 3.3.1 (versions earlier than 3.3.0 are unaffected).
  • Get involved at

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