The Atlanta Summit’s opening keynote featured interviews with two superusers, who talked about their role in the community and how OpenStack is helping them stay competitive, flexible, and fast.


The age of the Superuser began with the opening of the Atlanta Design Summit yesterday. Jonathan Bryce delivered his keynote address to a standing-room-only conference room of more than four thousand attendees. Superusers Wells Fargo and Disney were featured onstage in a Q+A during the keynote.

When asked why Wells Fargo uses OpenStack, Glenn Ferguson, head of private cloud enablement, focused on being part of a strong community.

“It is in my best interest to let the community know what we’re doing and what we’re interested in and what our use cases are,” said Ferguson. “We’re running a serious business on this technology, and this is what we have to do to remain competitive and flexible in this environment.”

Chris Launey, Direct Cloud Services and Architect at Walt Disney Company, spoke passionately about why he uses OpenStack. “Like many others in this audience, I’m trying to lead a revolution to help empower people when they come to work in technology.”

The full keynote is embedded below. To skip to the Q+A with Wells Fargo and Disney, skip to 21:30 or just click here.

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