The OpenStack Summit in Atlanta is well underway and the superuser voice is being heard loud and clear.


The OpenStack Summit is teeming with users who are speaking during keynotes, leading breakout sessions, and, of course, tweeting. Here’s a look at the latest user-centric conversations going on at the Summit.

"The open source OpenStack cloud platform is not a hobbyist project, it’s a technology platform that is powering major brands today." — Sean Michael Kerner, Datamation.

"In the opening day of the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta, users were front and center." — Eric Lundquist, eWeek

“Openstack heralds the creation of a new layer in the software stack that spans the entire data center. — Lew Tucker, Cisco CTO; Session: OpenStack and the Transformation of the Data Center

“Like many others in this audience, I’m trying to lead a revolution to help empower people when they come to work in technology.” — Chris Launey, Walt Disney Company, OpenStack Foundation Keynote

"Real business is being done on OpenStack today.” –Jonathan Bryce, OpenStack Foundation Keynote.

“IBM is the #3 contributor to OpenStack. We’re proud of our people and we are proud of our commits. But you know what’s more impressive? What’s more impressive is who is #1. Do you know who #1 is? The individual contributor is still #1. That matters.” –David Lindquist, IBM; Session: OpenStack is Rockin’ the Open Cloud Movement! Who’s Next to Join the Band?

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