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Mapping OpenStack’s place in a multi-cloud world

Jonathan Bryce, OpenStack Foundation executive director, gets out his compass.

Hanging in cloud city

You can be an AWS user and an OpenStack user. You can be an Azure user and an OpenStack user. It isn’t an exclusive relationship: it’s multi-cloud, says the OpenStack Foundation’s Anne Bertucio.

Why now is the time for multi-cloud

“It doesn’t matter who delivers it, how it operates or how it’s provisioned – but it matters how it runs,” says Heptio’s Craig McLuckie.

Avoid vendor lock-in with multi-cloud deployments

Vendor lock-in can create headaches over uptime, financial and regulatory risks. Nate Stewart of Cockroach Labs outlines a strategy for avoiding them.

Build it yourself: How a small team deployed OpenStackHow to deploy multi-cloud serverless and Cloud Foundry APIs at scale

“Micro-services and APIs are products and we need to think about them that way,” says IBM’s Ken Parmelee. Parmelee, who leads the API gateway for IBM and Big Blue’s open source projects, has a few ideas about open-source methods for “attacking” the API and how to create micro-services and make them scale.

Why atmail chose OpenStack for email-as-a-service

More than 15 percent of the Australian company’s infrastructure runs on an OpenStack-powered DreamHost Cloud.

How Fujitsu powers ‘human-centric’ artificial intelligence

Imagine a world where the person driving next to you multitasking (eating, checking texts, reading) pays more for insurance than you do by keeping your eyes on the road.

That’s one of areas where Fujitsu Ltd. is concentrating artificial intelligence (AI) research efforts along with signature analysis as-a-service and 3D image modeling. If right now it seems futuristic to control the heat in your house or check the charge of your Tesla from your phone, you’d better hang on.