Madhura Maskasky introduces OpenStack Omni, a set of drivers to manage and control resources on AWS.


When it comes to cloud computing, finding a standard that can manage hybrid and multi-cloud environments can be challenging.

In fact, nearly all of the respondents in the April 2016 OpenStack User Survey listed “standardize on the same open platform and APIs that power a global network of public and private clouds” as their top priority.

To that end, Platform9 Systems, a private cloud company that provides OpenStack and Kubernetes as managed SaaS (software-as-a-service), leveraged that need for standardization and built OpenStack Omni, a set of OpenStack drivers that allows OpenStack to manage and control resources on AWS.

After showcasing Omni on the keynote stage of the Barcelona Summit, Madhura Maskasky, co-founder or Platform9 Systems, sat down with Superuser TV to talk about what else her company has been up to since the Tokyo Summit and how the Omni project came about.