Check out this STaaS overview from students at PES University.


Private storage-as-a-service is billed as a way to easily scale cloud capacity and performance while keeping control over data and maintaining the freedom to connect to multiple public clouds.

In about seven minutes, you can get an overview of how to do it with OpenStack Cinder. The tutorial is the handiwork of students Shivangi Jadon, Ornella D’souza, Dhanaraj V Kidiyoor, Sudheendra Harwalkar, supervised by faculty and research associate Sudheendra Harwalkar and Dr. Dinkar Sitaram at the Center for Cloud Computing and Big Data (CCBD) at PES University.
The basic steps:

  • Log in to three clouds (A,B,C)
  • Create volumes V1 and V2
  • Create instance in cloud B and C
  • Attach volumes in cloud A to instance in cloud B and C
  • Verify the volume attached by creating file system and file
  • Voila’: File system and files are created

The second half of the short video demos how to create a community STaaS:

  • Log in to three clouds (A, B, C)
  • Create instance and volume in all three
  • Attach volume in one cloud to an instance in the other cloud
  • Verify the volume attached to each instance

The team also outlines a few alternative multi-cloud scenarios:

  • Move data storage to cloud where instance (VM) is running for better performance
  • Multiple instance (VM) attach to same volume in private/community cloud  STaaS in multi-cloud environment
  • Private/community cloud STaaS volume attachment to instance (VM) in public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, Vmware and etc.)
  • Public cloud STaaS for user-specific needs

Get involved

Cinder is a block storage service for OpenStack. It virtualizes the management of block storage devices and provides end users with a self-service API to request and consume those resources without requiring any knowledge of where their storage is actually deployed or on what type of device. This is done through the use of either a reference implementation (LVM) or plugin drivers for other storage. You can learn more about Cinder (including documentation, code, bugs) on the Wiki.  If you’re interested in identity, authentication, authorization, and/or policy for OpenStack, public meetings are held weekly in IRC on Wednesdays at 16:00 UTC.

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