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Spotlight on: OpenDev Virtual Event Series

It was bittersweet to wrap up the last OpenDev in the virtual event series – OpenDev: Containers in Production last week. While it was not the same experience as in-person OpenDev events, the community made the best of the current situation. 

In the past three months, we’ve had over 1,400 attendees from more than 100 countries who came together to discuss Large Scale Usage of Open Infrastructure, Hardware Automation and Containers in Production. Thank you to all the community members who have worked together virtually to collaborate without boundaries.

This event was not possible without the support of the OSF Platinum and Gold members who are committed to the Open Infrastructure community’s success. Also, thank you to all the Programming Committee members and discussion moderators who helped to make these discussions possible!

Just because the virtual OpenDev is over doesn’t mean you can’t still experience it! If you would like to watch the previous virtual OpenDev events recordings or catch up with the discussions on the etherpad notes, you can find them here:

OpenDev: Large Scale Usage of Open Infrastructure

OpenDev: Hardware Automation

OpenDev: Containers in Production

Let’s keep talking about Open Infrastructure at the Open Infrastructure Summit on October 19-23! Summit registration is open and you can register at no cost

The following week, the Project Teams Gathering will be virtual! The event will be held from Monday, October 26 to Friday, October 30. The event is open to all OSF projects, and teams are currently signing up for their time slots. The schedule will be posted in the upcoming weeks. Register today

OpenStack Foundation news

Open Infrastructure Summit, October 19-23, 2020

Project Teams Gathering (PTG), October 26-30, 2020

Airship: Elevate your infrastructure

  • Congratulations to the 2020 – 2021 Airship Working Committee!
    • James Gu
    • Kostiantyn Kalynovskyi
    • Matt McEuen
    • Sreejith Punnapuzha
    • Drew Walters 
  • Check out the Airship Case Study segment of the newly released Baremetal White Paper and read about how Airship is using Metal3 with Ironic for provisioning.
  • In case you haven’t heard, Airship 2.0 has reached Alpha status! Architects Alan Meadows and Rodolfo Pacheco released a new blog post summarizing the lessons learned on the road to Alpha, and how those lessons have impacted the technical blog series. Check it out!

Kata Containers: The speed of containers, the security of VMs

  • Thank you to everyone who has attended the backlog review meetings and those who reviewed their issues offline. 
    • We cut down the current bucket from 111 issues to 66 issues. Please put some time to review the remaining issues so we can close this bucket by next week.
  • Check out the demo: Envoy HTTP compression with Intel QuickAssist Technology (QAT) in a Kubernetes cluster at KubeCon EU
    • Eric Adams from Intel delivered an advanced Kata Container use case using an Intel QAT to accelerate http compression offloads in Kubernetes. Watch the demo for free at the virtual Intel booth.
  • Want to contribute a Kata pull request (PR)? Learn more about how to get involved in Kata

OpenStack: Open source software for creating private and public clouds

  • The OpenStack community continues to make progress towards the Victoria release in October. We have now passed the Victoria-2 development milestone, with feature freeze coming up on September 10. Proposed release schedules for the next development cycle, Wallaby, have also been posted.
  • Two new SIGs (Special Interest Groups) have been formed. The Hardware Vendor SIG provides a place for hardware vendors to collaborate on integrating advanced hardware functionalities into OpenStack. The Cloud Research SIG aims to bridge the gap between academic research in Cloud Computing and OpenStack projects.
  • The OpenStack map was recently refreshed to better represent the current landscape of components that make up OpenStack. You can download the latest version (v. 20200701) to integrate in your presentations.
  • Are you ready to take your cloud skills to another level? The updated Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) exam can help you with that! Check out the OpenStack COA exam and become a Certified OpenStack Administrator.

StarlingX: A fully featured cloud for the distributed edge

  • The StarlingX 4.0 release is now available! Check out highlights about the new features in a recent blog post, browse the code online or download the ISO image to deploy and try out the latest version of the platform.
  • The next TSC and Project and Technical Lead elections are coming up in the fall. Stay tuned for updates and check out the elections web page for further information!

Zuul: Stop merging broken code

  • Pin your Zuul and Nodepool installations to version 3 or deploy with Zookeeper TLS connections to accommodate upcoming changes to Zuul and Nodepool. Find more details on the mailing list.
    Zuul and Nodepool will be available in Fedora 33. Find out more on the mailing list.

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