Open source cloud computing aficionados gathered in Bejiing for the two-day event.


Thousands of IT executives, cloud operators, telecoms and technology providers and engineers gathered in Beijing for the first OpenStack Days China conference to hear more about how leading companies such as China UnionPay, China Mobile, China Telecom, State Grid, Huawei, Dongfeng Motor are making use of OpenStack’s open source cloud software to improve the efficiency of their businesses.

OpenStack Days China featured over 70 academics from China and abroad, 16 keynote speeches, over 50 presentations, 12 breakout sessions and three round table forums. The high-profile event with around 3,000 attendees took place on July 14-15, 2016 at the China National Convention Center in the capital, Beijing.

China, which represents the second largest market for open source cloud deployments after the United States, is a key focus for the OpenStack Foundation.

“China’s public and private cloud market is experiencing an incredible upwards trajectory clearly evidenced by the fact that nearly a third of all OpenStack deployments in Asia take place in the PRC,” said Jonathan Bryce, executive director of the OpenStack Foundation. “There is considerable interest and support by the Chinese government for open source software and this is helping to drive the market.”

Supported by the OpenStack Foundation and the China Software Developer Network, volunteers from China’s OpenStack Community helped organize the Beijing event and were responsible for designing the schedule, inviting the speakers and speech content checking.

“This event brings together experts and users from diverse industries keen to exchange information about trends, best practices, customer stories and more. There will also be an opportunity to learn about the newest release of OpenStack Mitaka and how this offers easier deployment, greater manageability and scalability,” added Bryce.

OpenStack is the most widely deployed open source software for building clouds. The newest release of Mitaka was designed and built by an international community of 2,336 developers, operators and users from 345 organizations.

OpenStack Days China 2016 Highlights:

  • OpenStack Days covered the convergence of OpenStack and Container, automated deployment, operation and maintenance, network and storage, ecosystem and community, architecture and high-availability, operators and NFV, enterprise user cases, and cloud security.
  • Topics included best practices, foundation/open source, customer cases and core technologies. Attendees heard presentations from companies using OpenStack’s hybrid cloud platform including China Mobile.
  • Over 20 leading OpenStack technical vendors attended including Huawei, Intel, Red Hat, SUSE, 99Cloud, H3C, HPE, Lenovo, UMCloud, Mirantis, AWCloud, EasyStack, FiberHome, ChinaC, NeuCloud, SURCloud, T2Cloud, Goodrain, Hillstone, IBM, UnitedStack, Newtouch, XSKY, China Open Source Cloud League (COSCL), Rancher Labs Inc. and OpenSource Cloud Alliance for Industry, PRC (OSCAR).

OpenStack Days is a global roadshow covering 25 countries. The regional events are organized and hosted annually by local OpenStack user groups and companies in the ecosystem, aiming at promoting the understanding, deployment and application of cloud computing technology for local IT enterprises and cloud technology vendors.

Cover Photo // CC BY NC