The OpenInfra Foundation annual report for 2021 is now live, including sections on open infrastructure growth, all OpenInfra projects, Foundation updates, SIG and WG updates, and more.


The OpenInfra community in China is very active across multiple open source projects, including OpenStack, Kata Containers and OpenInfra Labs. In 2021, a lot of regional progress was made across these communities.

OpenStack Wallaby and Xena Release

The upstream OpenStack community in China is very active and typically the second country in terms of contributors. In 2021, there were two OpenStack releases:

  • Wallaby – 108 contributors from China, and these contributors are from 99cloud, ​​China Mobile, China Unicom, EasyStack, Haiyun, Huawei, Inspur, Kylin Cloud, ZTE and more.
  • Xena – 62 contributors from China, from member companies, 99cloud, Awcloud, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Inspur, Fiberhome, Huawei, ZTE.

Over 70% of OpenStack deployments in China are in production.

65% of organizations run hybrid cloud, but the majority run over half of their overall cloud infrastructure on OpenStack. Worldwide, 25 million cores of OpenStack are run in production, and China Mobile is one of the largest users, running 6 million cores in production. As the 2nd most active country of the OpenInfra Community, the top industries for OpenStack deployments in China include:

  • Academic / Research
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • IT
  • Telecom


There are three projects open sourced and upstreamed to the community:
  1. Venus project – a one-stop solution OpenStack component to log collection, cleaning, indexing, analysis, alarm, visualization, report generation, etc.
  2. Skyline project – an OpenStack dashboard optimized by UI and UE. It has a modern technology stack and ecology, is easier for developers to maintain and operate by users, and has higher concurrency performance.
  3. Taibai project – an open source multi-cloud management platform, has been shared with the OpenInfra Labs Cloud Network. It takes advantage of a microservices framework to deliver a scalable and customizable multi-cloud platform that enterprises can use to simplify multi-cloud management and improve the efficiency of cloud resource utilization.

Kata Containers Growth in China

There were 23 Kata Containers releases in 2021. In these releases, 24 out of 94 global contributors are from China, submitting 291 changes out of overall 1471 changes in a year. These contributors are from 6 and more organizations.

Product adoption got more cases as well this year, with at least 3 local organizations adopting Kata in their container service product, out of 7+ user cases globally.

OpenInfra Days China

The OpenInfra Days in China in 2020 was hosted on Oct 15-16, Beljing. There were 886 attended the event in-person, with over 100,000 attendees tuning in online. Other than the interactive forums, the event included sessions from five tracks which are

  • 5G Infra
  • Cloud Native Infra
  • Open Governance
  • Compute/Network Convergence
  • Cloud Infra

Read the full 2021 OpenInfra Annual Report here!