Learn how Convesio gained control over cloud infrastructure for customization and reduced public cloud costs by over 50% with the help of OpenMetal, all by using OpenStack.


Convesio is a platform-as-a-service, offering self-healing and autoscaling capabilities for WordPress websites, especially those facing traffic spikes, like eCommerce, memberships, publications and online learning sites. When confronted with surges caused by sudden flash sales, or even breaking news from an important news site, Convesio dynamically scales resources for optimal speed and performance. Check out how they were able to gain control over cloud infrastructure for customization and reduce public cloud costs by over 50% with the help of OpenMetal, all by using OpenStack.

How has OpenStack transformed your organization?

Using OpenStack has given us the same level of redundancy and structure as the large public cloud hyperscale options but with more flexibility, control, and customization. OpenStack has allowed us to differentiate from the other providers in our space who generally use the same solutions. We’ve also been able to reduce our IT spending and reinvest that back into the business.

What workloads are you running on OpenStack? 

Load balancers, WordPress sites, databases, Redis. Our platform hosts highly scalable WordPress sites. We are platform agnostic, so we utilize Docker containers over VMs to handle high-scale traffic. This sits on top of our OpenStack cluster which contains multiples of Virtual Machines.

For OpenStack: Nova / Neutron / Cinder workloads. Ceph RBD for network storage.

What is the scale of your OpenStack environment?

There are two current environments, one on the East Coast and one on the West Coast, and a future one that will come to Europe. Each region/cloud is made up of five servers. 

The layout is as such:

XLv2.1 (OpenMetal Private Cloud Core) which is made up of three servers + two XLv2.1 Storage & Compute servers.

Running OpenStack Yoga and Ceph Quincy.

Each XLv2.1 contains:

64c/128t CPU

1024 GB of RAM

25.8 TB of NVMe 4.0 Storage configured for Ceph

What other open source technologies are integrated with your OpenStack environment? 

WordPress, PHP-FPM, HAProxy, GlusterFS, Docker, MariaDB, Percona.

Kristin Barrientos