Find OpenStack events near you this year to connect with the community.


Every year, thousands of Stackers connect in real life at local meetups, OpenStack Days, the Summits and hackathons.

Start filling out your 2018 calendar at the events page or find your local folks on the User Groups portal.

Right out of the gate in January, user groups from Ankara to Utah are putting their heads together. You’ll also find community members answering questions from a booth at the fantastic FOSDEM in Brussels, Februrary 3-4. (For what to expect, check out our coverage here.)

Next milestone: the Project Teams Gathering (PTG) in Dublin February 26 – March 2. It’s an event for anyone who self-identifies as a member in a specific given project team as well as operators who are specialists on a given project and willing to spend their time giving feedback on their use case and contributing their usage experience to the project team. Wondering what it’s like when the “zoo” of OpenStack projects get together? Check out this write-up.

Coming up in May, the OpenStack Summit will come together again in Vancouver and before heading over to Berlin in November, there’s an entire summer of get-togethers focusing on open infrastucture from Australia to Israel. (The calendar, much like the technology, is constantly evolving so keep an eye on that events page as it fills up for the year.)

Once you’ve saved the date, remember that Superuser is always interested in community content – get in touch at and send us your write-ups (and photos!) of events. Articles posted are eligible for Active User Contributor (AUC) status.

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