Superuser Nominee, China Telecom eSurfing Cloud shares whitepaper for new project, openEuler.


eSurfing Cloud, a subsidiary of China Telecom is facing the growing demand for computing and diverse application scenarios. Cloud service providers must continuously optimize their varied computing power and performance to offer more versatile options. From X86 to ARM, CPU to GPU, DPU and so on, are extensively used, enabling cloud service providers to better support applications in AI, big data and blockchain domains. This diversified computing is gradually becoming a new paradigm for the cloud computing industry and demands higher levels of hardware-software collaboration from cloud service providers.

China Telecom eSurfing Cloud is a best practice to integrate openEuler and OpenStack to enable the most large-scale multi-architecture open infrastructure. LOKI is a popular topic, the use of integrating openEuler and OpenStack is a great example of LOKI.

Check out the China Telecom eSurfing cloud’s whitepaper. 

Kristin Barrientos