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How to deploy Kubernetes on your laptop

Meet Minikube, a way to run a single-node Kubernetes cluster inside a VM.

Published on August 3, 2018

Why blockchains are good for the cloud, too

If you’re buying diamonds or an artist hoping to get paid fairly from Spotify, thank Hyperledger.

Published on May 19, 2017

Why developers need to ask more questions

Asking shows we don’t know things and in the culture of rock stars and ninjas shows weakness... We can build a stronger, kinder community if we admit we’re vulnerable, says Saron Yitbarek of CodeNewbie.

Published on May 12, 2017

Open source contribution and collaboration: How (and why) Netflix drives industry engagement

Netflix's director of engineering talked about collaboration driven by industry in a grassroots way with Spinnaker, an open-source, continuous deployment platform.

Published on May 11, 2017

How common components can lead to great innovation

Evan Booth speaking at OSCON on why open source hackers should think of hardware and software as interchangeable parts.

Published on May 10, 2017

How to balance corporate and community to build better open source

Code is the currency of the open-source realm but culture is king, says veteran community manager Jono Bacon.

Published on April 6, 2017

How Kubernetes on OpenStack powers DreamHost’s new web builder

Don't call this a regular jam: Remixer is a click-to-edit website builder that blends Kubernetes and microservices.

Published on March 8, 2017

OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter July 18-25

Highlights from the weekly community newsletter.

Published on July 29, 2014

OpenStack Community Newsletter July 4 – July 11

Highlights from the weekly community newsletter.

Published on July 15, 2014

OpenStack Community Newsletter June 27 – July 4

Highlights from the weekly community newsletter.

Published on July 8, 2014